America, The Broken...

Today in the world,

People are obsessed with diamonds and gold.

Children forced to sit still,

Forced to bend to their parents will.

DCFS takes the kids who should stay,

Leaving those who shouldn’t anyway.

Blossoming bruises across tender skin,

These children know they’ll never win.

They feel hopeless and lost,

Kind of like those in the holocaust.

Seeing the marks on their cheeks,

Knowing the bruises will be there for weeks.

The government tries to forget him,

Who will protect them.

The shy, transgender boy who hates himself in the

back of the room

The funniest girl who could make any boy swoon.

The high school quarterback who flinches during


Or the artistic girl filled with malice.

You don’t know who it can be,

So be nice to everyone you meet and see.

How could we protect those across the seas,

If we can’t help children in need?

“But it’s just statistics!” they claim,

While children everyday are being harmed

How can we just ignore children in pain?

What is there to gain?

Set them free from violence ,

Show everyone kindness.   

This poem is about: 
My country


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