A Deficite of Crystalline Love

Oh say can you see 

By the dawn’s early light

Narcissism and bureaucracy

Have distorted our sight


Oh say can you see

Our criminal justice system favors the rich

The middle class man works a low wage dead end job

Unemployment, homelessness

This is America’s niche


And the rockets’ red glare 

The bombs bursting in air

Another declaration of a World War

But what of our men

This is so unfair


Steve Stephens

How could you

You son of a gun

You terrorized a man

Shared it on Facebook 

then went for a run

Oh say can you see

With the setting of the sun

It is proof in the night

That we’ve maxed out on our filthy fun


Please expedite the havoc

and bring on world peace

We beg for it

We demand it

You gerrymanderers, terrorists, and vile people

Our voices will never cease


When will liberty and justice prevail

With freedom for all

We have 99 problems

They all started with a wall

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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