The Land of the Free, or the Home of the Slaves?


United States
46° 32' 44.4984" N, 119° 39' 27.162" W

America,The land of the free and home of the brave,The ‘epitome of freedom’ that is said to have saved,Those who were previously held and enslaved From those in our society who corrupt and deprave. America’s real intentions are disputed, Our leaders are prosecuted,And as our nation is routinely diluted,Our freedom is becoming refuted. We cannot ignore that our country is falling,Through closed doors with the citizens calling,Out to implore why our people are hauling,The weight of the chore of our government’s stalling?  As we mourn those who are slain,For what freedom remains,Will this nation stay the same, When our laws are under maintained? What I’m trying to get across here,Is that our country isn’t free,When we’re ruled by governmental fear,Are you understanding me? The issues are broad,And the solutions narrow,But will we trust in our flawed Perceptions buried deep in our nation’s marrow? 

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My country


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