Oh, America

It is times like this, 

I have never been happier being black and alive.

Being woman and survivor,

Being odd and being ok with it.

It is times like this I have never been happier being all this,

but it brings me down knowing I have to be this in America. 

The trigger was pulled the moment I tore my way out of this world.

I was destined to escape be apart of here, 

from the safety that was my mother’s uterus.

People still try to stop me. 

To play God, 

saying I wasn't meant to be here.

I have never felt more like a delay on a clock that is 4 generations behind.

If America had a diss track, 

everyone would know the lyrics.

In America, 

the shouts of movements are heard as cry for wolf.


Oh, Pepsi,

You red white and Blue Can 

Whomever created the new Pepsi commercial, 

turned my struggles into a Party and not the war it is,

all bouncing bodies and not fiery fists,

diabetes into social justice,

thinking my joy is worth a $1,

It seems that the world’s been sipping on pepsi for longer than 1898.

Longer than America was America, 

longer than it was given a name. 


America is starting to claim reverse racism,

like white racism ever got them fired,

got them lynched,

got them in fear of returning to a war zone. 

In America, 

it is easier to buy gun 

than become a citizen,

or to get Trump’s tax returns released, 

or to get someone’s pronouns right. 


The 13th amendment protects citizens from involuntary servitude, 

and becoming slaves unless they commit a crime.

Like it isn't already minorities once enslaved thrown in prisons so they can become slaves again. 

I look at the sun, 

but I have to peer through the glass ceiling first. 

People who choose to discriminate  justify it with the Bill of Rights. 


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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