Home of the brave, Land of the free.

But it seems we hide behind the walls of our homes every day.

Yet our homes were built from the ground that’s supposed to let us be,


How brave are we, if we cannot stand up to declare ourselves this way?


The home to originally Native Americans, who eventually were eradicated

By the people who were dilapidated by the hand of the British empire.

How can you declare freedom by taking freedom?


Where the land prospered and spread by not the original settlers,

No, not the Native Americans and not even the Europeans.

No, but by the hands of a different nation that which was taken.

Their freedom, their roots, Africa.

Oh brave and free, America.

How brave can we be to be so stubborn to introduce superior slavery?

To make up excuses, to twist words of the bible to say slavery is freedom in a way.

And then after slavery is taken away, freedom is still not underway.

How can you be free when you fear equality?


A nation that today is seen for hope and prosperity.

Immigrants have flocked to this country for years to live better here.

But it’s just blind hope for a white picket fence, a dream they hold dear.

Even the home of the brave, land of the free holds its pride and hatred secretly.


For a country who declares how brave, free, opportunistic and everything else great that we are.

We are not.

Oh we try to be, but we are not even close.

And everyone sees it, that us Americans are truly not free.


Stop holding on to racism.

Yes the KKK, the “unnoticed” segregated high school cafeterias, the jobs that turn away immigrants and non-whites.

Stop the sexism.

Love is love, who said you had the choice to put limits on it?

Stop the excuses.

God is not the reason for you to deny someone’s freedom.


Where is your justice? Where does it lie?

Between the lies.

We live in a land where a dead black boy is put on trial for his own murder.

Trayvon Martin.

Where his aggressor is acquitted of all charges even though he took a life.

George Zimmerman.

We live in a land where a black football player gets more time for dog fighting than for a man who committed murder.

Michael Vick.

Where a woman fighting for her life gets nearly life in jail.

Marrisa Alexander.

Where the same law that worked for George Zimmerman, put away Marrisa Alexander.


What lives in your home? What makes your land grow?


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