History Repeats Itself


This was a time the world needed a fix.

A strong stand against tyranny, a fight for freedom. 

Our Founding Fathers stepped in,

Men found taking a stand against other men.

Yet again. 

Where do women come in and make history?

There were some at the time, that is definitely no mystery.

Though a question arises- But were they represented?

No, no, no.

But maybe a bit resented and verbally tormented. 


The 19th Ammendmement.

This gave women some independence,

To take a stand and speak their mind,

Through a ballot THEY cast, which many people could not get behind.

When will women be respected and given the same oppurtunities?

We need to stand up, take action in our communites. 


Today many adjustments have been made and things continue to change. 

The definition of being a woman has been redefined and rearranged. 

Women today have gained more respect,

But we have a long way to go and America is so far from perfect.  

The future is female most can agree,

But for this to be a truly free country, let women be.

Let them be successful in making as much money as men,

Let them say Amen to whatever God they please. 

If you do not understand, then simply take it from me.

I am a young woman in society who struggles with unfairness and trials,

Simply because of my gender.

Many women write books and some march miles,

To get their voice heard, to fight for their daughters. 

We still need a fix.

A strong stand against tyranny, a fight for freedom.

Who is going to lead them?

SHE will. 

Because history is like a windmill,

Constantly moving and making things happen, 

The question is however,

Will you join them?

This poem is about: 
My country


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