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I have moved on, and I have worked so hard to let it all go, But there are still some things that you don’t seem to know. And I have all of the memories saved,
The day that I never thought would come is finally here, And now I am able to see things nice and clear. That you were nothing special from the start,
Grateful and Thankful My thoughts wandergazing at the moon.Memories repeat themselves in my head.Have though lived a fulfilling life?Have you counted your blessings today?Have you thanked God on the way?I apologized for being such a procrastinator
In the realm of doubts, an Atheist's plea,  Amidst the solace faith can bestow,  Why shun Catholic, Jewish, Buddhist decree,  That offers solace when the night's shadows grow?
It always seems as if it is one step forward, and one step back,  And that when things go wrong, it is because of the strength that you seem to lack.
The older I get, the more I realized that there is nothing more precious than time, And I have finally realized that I no longer want to waste mine. For so long, I cared too much about what people thought about me,
I woke up from a well deserved nap To a ringing sound deep beneath my covers It was about 100 tweets Yelling at me to burn like my ancestors To die with my beliefs 
With you, in you, beside you, behind you, in front of you. All around you.
You think you know it all because you're a scientist.You make me angry when you say God doesn't exist.You believe there is no God and you say that it's a scientific fact.
Sometimes, all you can do is hold yourself together and try your best to stay strong, Even when it feels like everyone is against you and that everything you are doing is wrong.
I am not going to lie, sometimes it is hard to be a good person, Because everything that is going on around you can cause you to worsen. When you are going through something, it can be very easy to turn cold,
There is always hopethat lives within our hearts. The world may be coldand darkbut there is always a tiny flame of hopewithin usin the atmosphere,in each living soul on earth.
"How did your baseball game?," was the innocent question that I asked that started it all. When I asked you that, I never in a million years thought that I would continue to fall.
There is nothing more confusing about trying to figure out what is going on with love, And that it is not always written out in black and white when push comes to shove.
It has taken me some time to realize that there are two parts of your body that will always be at war with one another, And it seems like no matter how hard you try, they will never agree with each other.
No matter what life decides to put you through, it is up to you to keep going, And even when it seems like you can't keep going, moving forward is what is going to help you to keeo growing.
His voicein my heartin my soulguiding me forwardsguiding me low.  My thoughtsare my ownthey echo inside my head Spread lovenot hatenot fearnot disharmony
You are a terrific elixir  Yet you blow your essences up  By enthroning doubts  Like scientists working hard 
Magnificent joy fills my soul I am whole  Like Earth’s bowl In deserts of my hope, I find perfect glow 
Crushing under the weight, trying to swing it in stride. This adulting concept was not well explained. Breathe   Pinching yourself, begging to wake up from a terrible nightmare.
This must be GROWTHIt's neither about an increase in size,nor the comeliness of my thighs,a lesson on puberty,or how time flies. It's an enlarging on the inside,though unseen by mere eyes,but cannot be denied,I speak of a strength supplied. See, t
Walking with the crowd, alone and down,That's what happens when you are not able to be found.  Emptiness resides inside, silence becomes vibrant,sometimes I become a clown, or just get drowned,And happiness is nowhere to be found.  Smiles resist e
Guide me now my gentle Father, Hold me in Your clasping wings.  Please fastly keep me, Hidden deeply,  Deep beneath Your folding wings. 
Happiness to me is like a warm chest filled with honey, nutmeg, and love. It dances barefoot through fields of grass without a care in the world, and a smile so bright.
wrestling with evilwear complete suit of armor~ conquer with courage.rescued from onslaughtlies and misinformation~ loins girded with truth.safeguarding our heartsresisting the evil day
I cannot save myself. It’s funny that this is how I begin my story, as I used to struggle to understand what I even needed to be saved from. Doesn’t this testify to the faithfulness of God to answer our prays and cries?
Why are you looking for love oh soul;Is it not enough that God gave it all? His Love that is pure, true and great What are you waiting? accept God and taste
You are my life's Restorer who gives me hope, always there outward and within I feel Your love tells me, "be still."   In times of trouble, I'm clam knowing You hold me in Your palm
You know when it finally hits you and you get tired of your own bullshit, And it becomes too much and all you can think about is how bad you want to quit?
I have come to realize that at the end of the day, nothing is going to change.  I don't know why it took me so long to realize that the way everyone was acting was strange.
Everyone told me that I was crazy, but I so badly wanted to prove them wrong.  I feel like an idiot, for hoping that things would go the way that I wanted them to, and for holding on for so long.
It seems like every time that I start to do good, there is always something that gets in the way, And no matter how hard I try, it seems like I end up failing, and I have to restart everyday.
  God is Love; Love is God; Love is Jesus; Love is the Holy Spirit; Love is eternal; Love is spiritual; Love is enlightening; Love is personal; Love is community;
Why is it that we always want what we don't have? Why is it that what is avilable to us is never good enough? Maybe we are a society of people who fixate too much on chaning everything,
*BELIEVING* _Stick unto God and believe in yourself. *It'd be bright after the dark.* There most be a black *time dark starry night before an open heaven* of a brighter sunny day._
Why do some people make it seem like when we flip the calendar everything is going to change, Because, to me, the thought of doing that has always been kind of strange.
I can't tell if the voices in my head or the voices in my ears are the ones that are bringing me down, I am someone who is always positive, and these voices that won't stop are the ones that are turning this around.
When we see each other life means so much more.. When we hug our souls intertwine as one. When we kiss our spirits are made whole.. When our laughter echoes through the air, all of heaven rejoices.
When we see each other life means so much more.. When we hug our souls intertwine as one. When we kiss our spirits will be made whole.. When our laughter echoes through the air all of heaven will rejoice.
I know that this sounds crazy, but I just can't seem to let it go. Everyone around me keeps telling me to stop hanging on, and to just go with the flow.
ALL I EVER WANTED Whenever I looked into her eyes I see everythang I ever desire.
MAGIC CARPET RIDE   Come hear my heart Let the sound take you away Feel the melted kiss from yesterday....   Like a floating feather On a magic carpet ride Together
TRAIN YOUR MIND I Wonder Why Fake People Always Think Everythang's Fake, Like Love, Faith And Desire.
"YOU COULD DO BETTER EXPLORE MORE" You know you can do better. Explore more! You are limitless, unstoppable and unlimited.
No past failure ever stops you from Moving on again. Today try improving your skills in order to enhance your chances of Winning, life ends when we halt dreaming.
The best ultimate religion I ever learnt of is " Good Deed" No matter how religious one is without a good good all in vain.
Oh Lord mine God locate me with an immense mercy that'll shake the world. That thy name be excellently praised 2ru me. Send unto your servant mercy and let thy light shine upon thy servant to the glorification
Every persons you met has some lessons for you. Don't under estimate anyone. For everyone you're seeing is unique. #c9_fm
Better Dayz! These goes out to the people in the penitentiary!
Sometimes I get so lost in my own thoughts that I don't know what to do, My brain is telling me that I need to move on, but my heart only has feelings for you.
This pandemic teaches me, Home confinement is not fun and easy, Be productive, pick a hobby!   This pandemic teaches me,
IN MY DREAM   The clothes hanging on my line Are not mine Where have I been Lost again In my dream A floating stream   None of the things belong to me Not that I can see
I stretch to the sky and i smile And i look back Calling my memories of life  Realizing how much time has passed But in the same moment i look forward 
When was the exact moment I fell, I don’t remember, but look at me, my spirit is loud and clear, it tells? Like monkey business it smells 8-months ago, I could never foretell, or predicted a “love” such as this.
I started this job ready to focus on my work and not fall in love with someone that I have to see everyday, But it didn't take long for me to get excited to see you daily, and sturggle to find the right words to say.
I’m honest and genuine when I declare my love for my King. I love you more than I have ever loved another, you make my soul sing. This love hit different, deeper, a real soul connection type of thing.
 Foggy haze, cloudy days, rain drizzled from the sky. Todays a good day, no need to get caught up in the why’s.   I’m grateful for this day, yesterday, and I pray to see tomorrow.
I’m not a toy to be played with, become bored, then discarded. Can’t even say good morning, this mess is retarded. I fail to see love in those brown eyes reflecting back at me.
Confidence has never been a feeling explored by me. Employed by me to heal from the hurt in me, by others, and by me. Feels good to know that my reflection is a friend to me, no longer my enemy.
You have overstayed your welcome and you're not even here. Failing to pay the free rent for the space you invaded I know it’s unfamiliar, but for once be sincere. I know the cost is and will be severe.
No one bothered to wake up, speak, call or text to see me on my way. I don't blame them, I went my own way, I didn't have much to say. I didn't expect anyone to be different from the person they were to me yesterday.
PAPA   I felt you weeping today. As you listen to the song       that life has given you to play....   The colors of the dayHave drifted away From bright yellow, pale blue and pink. 
One of the most important things that I have been told is to believe in your journey even when no one else can, And it took me a long time to realize that no one else has to believe in you if you are your own biggest fan.
The pain and the fear are ghosts,  spectres,  a fabrication of reality.  In a moment they will appear and then vanish and I will be left wondering why I followed them into the dark. 
The pain and the fear are ghosts,  spectres,  a fabrication of reality.  In a moment they will appear and then vanish and I will be left wondering why I followed them into the dark. 
**Oh yes, much faith is needed In times such as these falling down on my bended knees As I take it day by day The sun rises, the stars are shining bright entering into the early days until the late nights
i was raised to believe that God is in church lately I think that is the last place he would be
i stopped praying the day they buried you with the angel i sent to protect you  
I was that person who always hid in the background and let life pass me by, And I never put myself out there because I was always too scared and shy. It's funny how in the past couple of years my life has turned around, 
All I need is who you are to me  Thinking out loud before the mirror  A worrysome image to make me fret or blush.    All I need is you, tell me the tale of me  A tale I shouldn't have forgotten.
...(I needa) Free my Mind, Find Some Time, (And) Take a Breath of Fresh Air, (A Space) Away from this Place, (And) Nothing to Follow Me There.
He brings joy to me, his laugh makes my heart smile, his eyes, like the sea. Endless charm is his style, and he is my willow tree.  
I’m angry with you. I’m sorry I am, I don’t want to be, but I am. You make me sad and you hurt me. My heart aches all the time. Why did you fall in love with me if you can’t love me?
Demand my bones, their skin without I dyed my hair then tore it out My body begs for company My mind can't silence all the screams I would much rather rot in hell Than put you under another spell
- They say, "In due time you'll be alright", "just stay patient". So Heavenly Father I'm reaching out - This life's got me pacin'. Not knowing which way to go, with either road - I never make it.
What will it look like? What will it be like? When my world turns out like you planned When will I get there?   Feels like I’m nowhere My dreams are like dust in my hand  
In you God I trust Because in myself i break and bust Lord made with your breath out of dust Fear should never mix in, settle, or have time for one's Spirit to adjust That's Joy's corrosion and Hope's rust
For oh, so long I have known this- that the spell had been cast and for years I have sought remedies through priests and preachers, curanderas, -all to no avail... And I have learned
It's Monday night. I'm sitting in the shower, with the curtain between the water and my phone but the water still hits my body. They say lonely people take longer showers because the hot water eases
What, shall I fear the veiled unknown? To die and pass the mortal shroud They say ascencion through the cloud Will whisk me to the Gloried Throne, But what awaits? No tongue has told
Hue grows strong/hue dies weak Baby bird bites its beak Fragile nest in a creek Sticks and stones, bugs and leaves   Fingers, hands, hair and hearts
Colors in the clouds Illuminated by sun- God's coloring book
A hospital waiting room, clean and bright A melody of cheers in the middle of the night Sweet honey soothes my soul   A birthday cake, sugary and lit A chorus of celebration over it
I want to praise you  For all you’ve done. The actions you’ve taken  To become who’ve you’ve become. Everyday  You take a path unknown,
Sit Sit before you get shot. Nobody sees colors but they won’t hesitate to shoot you.
Pray for the impossible, Preach for those before Learn to find what’s possible And make a future to live for  
I have tried in a desperate manner to be all you want me to. capable of love. capable of fun. but I am not. you may dream of fun times on beaches  and bright sunny places, adventures to cities,
In the iris of one’s eyes, I can see far into the soul. And what I see brings no sighs.   Your strength and faith isn’t a knoll,
Each drop fell, bringing with it a taunt over our own depravity. It shouts, “Liar, Schemer, Thief, Murderer, Adulterer, Covetous- Human?” Well sir, in your flawless plan, there lies all but one fatal cavity.
Every night a little girl faces a different battle. She's questioning her worth and what her family would do without her; Contemplates to run away but her spirit tells her to stay;
Sometimes it is hard to stay positive and to believe in yourself, You think you have it all planned out but there are people around you who try to convince you to be someone else.
Will be like this:  R.I.P. Bob  and tears and probably more tears.      However, there is more than just death and mourn.  Your story won't die. 
Sophia full of wisdom and grace. The sun radiates from her face. Beneath her feet the moon does lay. A crown of seven stars upon her head, resting, do they stay. In the beginning, you hovered over the face of the earth.
Wondering where can I start but What beginning is better than from the heart  For over a decade, everything was fine No complaints, was living life, disregarding time Growing up in the projects never made a difference to me Because love from my mo
We don't have to worry We don't have to stress We don't need to be overwhelmed by the busyness Often we are Often it's hard Because the world is broken and falling apart There's darkness, yes
As as kid, I never felt obligated to the world. I was always easygoing, and a vulnerable little girl.  I never had to question being good enough.  Or worried about having to be tough. 
A long time ago I had found my home On the stage. But as a sophomore I just couldn't take another heartbreak. I stayed in the shadows. As the show neared
Patience What is it? A nonexistence. The mind was wicked, and the body was involuntary. Play around, aggravate sound, Adam found. Indeed, an innocent one.   Patience What is it?
There’s a path to the house from the meadow, Leading home from the dark forest’s gloom, Well-worn by the feet of your Father, As He fought, ran, and chased after you.  
When I was younger I felt very lost I played with my toys But didn't realize the cost I knew I had a mission For my curiosity to explore I searched everywhere But never opened the right door
Faith is the foundation of the subconcious one which takes hardship daily as evil festers following foolish fragmented failures finishes fickle men I worship the eternal one that lies in self
You are my maker, my savior, Creator of all things.   My life compass, my captain, The light I use to navigate and spread my wings.   You are my protector, my redeemer,
Hold your armsAround me, do not fold Hold your palmsAround me, do not sold Keep yourself calmAround me, do not told Keep yourself warmAround me, do not cold 
  When the world turns cold... You must remain bold... Stay true to your dreams, Even when rough as it seems... To your Father should you look -or in the words of his book,
What has happened to the days of truth? When one could trust their neighbor, their family, a friend  Everywhere I look trying to see through the mist, the fog that hides our true intentions 
The happiest point in my life, Is somewhere I'm supposed to be, Your youth shouldn't be filled with strife, Instead it should be carefree; But that has nothing to do with me, But I'm blessed with a family,
Focus Misdirected                                  They won’t like me they don’t care  they look upon my person  and see nothing  as if I am not there.    The fear of rejection
It seems like you are trapped, do not know what path to take. You see the high mountain ahead, which will lead to your destiny.
Anxiety. It’s always been there, Lurking in the depths. Have I learned how to rid it? Not yet. But as a person who has beliefs of what there is above, I have put my fears to faith
Sitting up on my bed all I can think is red. It's 2am. Red is now the color of my pupils from crying over this test. A test that keeps me up until time is no longer a
Water droplets fall from the sky, flowers yell with excitment, people scream in sorrow. But little do they know what makes one grieve could make something else grow.
Shadow... Now she's the girl he told everyone about, bragging, changing, manipulating the reality of what really happened. She got stripped of her clothes, stripped of her trust, stripped of her youth. 
The world is so beautiful when you are young Full of so many possibilities that fill your mind and fill your heart Daddy says I can do anything when I grow up,
I ripped my heart from my chest, as I am apt to do; "Do you believe in God?" Does "God" believe in you? I wasn't raised a Catholic, but I know Baptists,
We will have peace, Whether we are in Eden, Or Gethsemane.   For we will rise with the sun, And we will eat sweet fruit, From His vineyards.   We will go to the water,
I’m constantly reminded of you when I look at my daughters face,  I picture you in heaven, a different world, a better place, Your personality is reborn through the innocence of my children, 
I open my mind's lid like the drawer of a filing cabinet. It is the place where thoughts, dreams, and memories thrive. Letters of knowledge organized just like books in a library.
you were there through it all, i appreciate everything you have done for me. i appreciate the life you gave to me. i appreciate the chances you lend me.   your the greatest in my life,
The word "fight" never seemed to apply I see its far more than what meets the eye A promise made in youth that must live when youth dies And I fight. Oh, its a front and a facade - yes, I fight!  
its always been you you've been there all along the perfect harmony to my everlasting song you took my breath away you made me proud of who i am today you helped me to see who i really am
It emanates from you.  A paramount aroma. One so compelling we may be blinded by it. Like a bat who's lost the ability to echo-locate, only guided by his scent.
Racism shouldn't have power, it should be powerless. Hatred should not be fruitful and allowed to multiply, the seeds it plants should be flowerless. If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.
Could You September 11, 2018 ~ Tuesday I’m gripping tightly Onto that which makes me all I ever was and needed The words I heard and heeded
Pardons are Unjust Justified by a Claim that Mercy is a Must   Pardons ignore the busted face of my wife and silence the cries of my child's life why would a God, servant of the lame  
Standing by faith, igniting the experience with others Thank you for challenging me to be more Encouraging a greater focus-delving deeper into faith Thank you for being supportive, genuine, and present
Gone too far from your glory. Often believed in my own story. Day by day, my path began to darken. Involved in all the wrong deals. Soon, I began to realize what I had sacrificed. God, I need your grace. Openly I accept you with obedience. On ever
relentless searching eye wide, hoping who am i? i'm searching for the undiscovered eyes covered by blind blinds filled with lies my cries, can no longer be heard.
Was it worth it all? You did everything to reach your goal, And you lost your mind in the process. Was it really worth it? All those years of pain and misery.  We got what we wanted,
I’m just an empty husk without You:   Striving without ever thriving, Running hard but never arriving, Dragging my way through life, only surviving, Wishing I could run and hide.  
Allow me to express my deepest gratitude In words deep from in my soul You are always there when I wake up And the first one to answer when I call You taught me how to open my heart
The warm and stiff Summer air, The gentle dance of the golden stems, And the blue home placed on the horizon Are beaming in the sunlight.  
Verse 1 G               Em            D                      C He gets in your head    she gets to your heart G              Em      D                        C
  My body, MY Body.  It’s funny to think about when for the longest time  it didn’t feel like mine  Now when I trace my fingers across my arms, i am a stranger to this skin  This skin is filthy , dirty. 
Sailing on the sand I know the dangers up ahead My mind is on and ready My heart is leading fully   Sailing on the sand
A hopeless romantic, a hopeless dream That’s what is real, and it’s all it will be. To crush false hope at the source of its seam.
Search high and low, no matter where I go, there will never be another.   I run, You pursue, I cannot escape a love so true. I do not believe in me,
Today I Lift my eyes to new & exciting ventures. I ventured to say, they all Rock & Win like a cup of potential.Today I win at everything I form & mention.And all goes well as I say, it's just that simple. 'Found this place while I was
Tassels of ebon hair That spilled over your shoulders Like rich coffee With a hint of creme. You smiled at me With those freckles that stood out against your pale skin And those rosy red lips
I used to know a girl sad and bare was she she cried all the time and never thought  about the bright side Hope had abandoned her her spirit destroyed her she never knew what to do
Never knew what I thought it would be Everything seems unrealistic, is it? A fantasy dream full of promises and perfection
You are my sunshine, my only sunshine" A melody sung by mothers everywhere A song of love, adoration, and desperation
When it comes to self-sustain, There is no loss or gain.   Within your pit you stand, Surrounded high by your demands.   Shouting wants to the voices above,
by Ariel Douglas (14 October 2014)   The world is crumbling before our eyes, War and conflict echoing on the skies. But He is still God.
As I make my journey goals ahead, pushing through, I take the time to reflect, I take the time to make some sense of all that I have become.   What has brought me here
In love with the process, longing for growth. My mind beginnings to wonder upon what it's like situated at the thrown. Conceited with my own thoughts on why I'm still laying around at home.
  I’ve been face to face with the Devil.    I have braved darkness, deep and shallows. Above and beneath the bowls. O! The howls!   I came a long way on this hell road, with my eyes closed,
That’s it. Enough is enough. Every single day I work my butt off to try and make a difference To try and do something with my life. But it’s hard. And today I can’t be bothered. Today I feel like it’s all a big fat waste of time. Like it’s not wor
for lives lost at the end of a gun and those wounded at the hands of a bullet   i pray for your peace but more importantly  i pray for your justice   
Do you ever stop to think, just where do whispers go? Can you wish to get them back, i'd really love to know. Whispers; like a candle's flame, burned down to the end,
My mind has vision of its own, more like déjà vu, and there are these sounds They don't scare me like when I was younger, and they won't comfort me when I'm older Because they don't make me feel strong, they make me feel considerably I am bothered
her pleasures in the shallows end   as the riptide guarantees 
I’m gonna start with a question That I doubt you can answer Because I’m sure it’s in you Spreading like a cancer It’s in me too, Though I’ve only just become aware
A dark abyss swallows my soulLonely and cold, out of controlI push and I pushInside, always breakingNever forgetting, Never forsakingA smile, simpleIt hides my fear
What comes before the calming stormThan chaos, unfiltered, unfettered, noiseDay by day, night after unrelenting nightI am only clear unto myselfFor the ones, them and theyCan not understand, or is it won't?
When I told my friend that I liked a boy she was ecstatic. She gushed. She squealed. She urged me forward. When I told my friend he asked me out she screamed. She laughed. She yelled. She asked me when we were going out.
When life is routineSame old-school,Busy strangles timeto thin strips of meaning,Connections of place and peopleemaciated to shallow smiles;Hiding realities and struggles,and when I spend timewith my GodI bringbubbles and candyfloss,Lies and plati
I refuse to submit to the brainwashing of Faith.  I am liberated through The world;  I am limited by Religious culture. To live, I thrive off of beautiful things like
I don't need Humanism  To be good, I require only God.  I don't need man-made distractions such as Technology and modern advancements  To live, I thrive off of beautiful things like
What is good? What is pleasant? What is kind? In the truest meaning of the words no Thing is good, pleasant, or kind that I find. On any one thing, I could ne'er bestow Such a word as good or pleasant or kind.
deephate lossand anguish it all mixesinto onelargemess somewords dont eventouch thisfeeling myeyes areallout of tears and hanghalfclosed
To the one who doesn’t feel like their enough, or worth it, or accepted. Not beautiful, Or enough, Or loved. I have a secret to tell you. It isn’t whispered but shouted.
Black man, I see the sulk in your eyes, The wrinkles, the bags of countless years of work, Trying to race ahead through the obstacles,
Courage is faith in God  Optimism comes from the cross Love is in our walk  Peace is how we talk   Gratitude left in our wake Chances are ours to take Brothers keep us strong
Dear ED, How you made me feel like Eve, at the early age of 13. Taking me to the Garden of Eden, just by opening up that one Teen Vogue magazine.
Dear Love,I know you will come somedayBut it's hard to wait for you.I know I will be happy somedayBut it's hard to see that now.
You came into my life unexpected You brought me truth resurrected A broken fool, I was A falling stone; lost cause You gave me hope You showed me love You never took no, wouldn't let go
February 5, 2018 Dear Sophia,   Have Faith Life has ups and downs, but it still keeps going,
Dear Future Husband,   Face to face, we have not met, But that changes not a thing. I wonder when, but I don’t fret. In time we will exchange rings.   I hope that you are dashing,
Face flat -  cold cement Strings that hold - strings that break All the things that you said- Meaningless.   Yet.We defy. Nature. The odds. Authority. We fly. We soar. We breathe. We die.
salut, mon petit! that's how i greet you since we're both french minors and we're both multi-ethnic and we grew up in the same hometown and we were born 11 days apart
She was blowing just one candle of the cake , but the ancient serpent wasn't having it. He had seen the mark, the anointing and power bestowed on her.
Dear Hurricane Victor,   A hailstorm commenced when I agreed to be yours And you, mine… I often wonder if it was a sign.  
Dear Future Child, Life is not easy, you are going to get kicked in every direction. You will get lost, you will get confused, and you will not know what to do.
Early in the morning I sacrificed my time and my sleep to climb this mountain. While all was still dark and asleep, we were all awake. And so we began.
you can only get so deep before bursting into tears being vulnerable is hard before it’s easy where’s the key that opens up all the locks 
Dear divinity.   I have many questions for you That I'm not sure you'll ever answer Because over the last few years of my life My fealty to you Has grown less and less steadfast.
Sunday’s best paired with lightning clouds Corrective seems too staged Your heavens never cleared Ain’t like you to cry on this page
Have you ever heard the story about the rose that grew from concrete The one that everyone thought its growth would be obsolete The one everyone thought would wither and die
Dear God, Can you hear me? People say you hear everything, but are you listening? I have some questions to ask you, and words I want to share. So please, listen to me.
how dare women have confidence How dare women enjoy  dominating men in the bed room,  giving an endless faith to Herself. That girl you call easy? She goes home with any guy because
Who do you believe?God or the influential priest?Who causes your grief?Is it God or the beast?
Dear 2017, Thank you. Thank you for the pain. Thank you for the hurt. Thank you for the tears. Thank you for the hardships.
The truth, my pride. It's all conflicing... See, I've been hurt so many times, ain't no tears in me. So memory lane I'm jogging faithfully, but waking up some days... I don't take so graciously.
Dear Matthew, I often wondered about you. How you'd laughThe color of your hair, If you were strong, If you were scared.  I often wondered about you. My sweet little boy,My playful kin, My eldest brother, My might have been.  I often wondered abou
Think a thought and let it simmer Go for a walk in the woods and get wonderfully lost Take a blow to the head and taste the liquor Jump on a plane and forget the cost   Cut the gluten and end up thinner
Who knows what will be in futureIt is said its the mystery of life Imagine if you knew what's tomorrowThen, why would you fight?
If only you could see,My favorite place to be.A place where I can rest Is nature at it’s best. The water ripples near So loud it's all you hear.A secret place to be, A spot made just for me. In shallow waters still,To touch would send a chill.A sh
Emotions and turbulence, Oh when did they become so solidly set? Whether I preferred the strong confidence I know not yet   Standing up when lies are raining down
I close my eyes.  I breathe. I smile and embrace the wind in my hair.  My heart is breaking so I seek peace.  I pray.  I want to cry but I can't. Look at my face- I will always seem okay
To Missense I only write letters to family though estranged, that you still are, after all You’ve run in the blood
p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 120%; }a:link { } Love is a low return investment So why waste time to return love? Because partners lack conviction Love’s value is based on faith
Dear God,   Are you there? Are you really there? Mass shootings, floods, and fires abound… yet selfies, self-promotion, and “self” are all around…  
Smoked weed all day just to take the pain away. Cigarettes the same day. Wanted a new life he told me yes you may. You can do anything, I can make you sing. You won't feel anything, No more pain just play my game.
Don't forget my name. Carcass is the name. Carcass is the one that owns the game. All the golden chains and fame. On the top dome. In the biggest seat it is my Throne. See my wings i will defeat.
Soothe the mind, captivate with sound.I've got a life time to grind. Don't forget he's mine, To future extent my tempo is his heartbeat. Fortune found compose distruction of deceased, extermination of illumination.
They said she had to be on drugs.  It wasnt because she had a disfunctional family and people filled her head with dark. She wasn't ever depressed for thinking about how the world turned.
You try to take me down, I'll look you in the eyes. Look you up and down, then have you tell me lies. Tell it to your friend we're all gonna die, so take it to the skies.
Articles Of faith, confession, then communion. Luminous, telepatic, and wise, i'm never gonna die. This intuitive power is rising me higher. There's crystal clear vision, ain't no such thing as division.
Tasted now, a love so pureSugar sweet, a cyder richA love by no other name,Which can be called thisIt's warmth embraces, even the distantA flame, a light, burning deepThe darkest of hearts can not escape
You say you don’t seeYou’ll deny it foreverBut the truth statesThere’s no such thing as “Never”
The universe,An unequivocal mess of chaotic understandingLanguage, by which, no other comparesAnd the One who authors itBy no other name than what isThe very essence of existence, language
He’s been called DeadHe’s been called a mythIt’s been askedCan He make a rock even he can’t lift?
Ash like snowKissing my skin, It fallsThe bitter warmth of the flameThe crack of the light, it dances
I drank him in like the fifth bottle of beer. Swallowing the toxic liquid, I relived the fear. It is one o’clock in the morning, I received a text saying, “Baby, I’m home from work. Show me your body. I love you.”
I feel my lungs fill with air It's my own type of prayer Throughout my spiritual journey  I make my body a place to feel worthy
-I feel in pain I am losing my thoughts to this strain, Everyone except one is disregarding me because of my brain. My daughters sent me to this place to get me restrained;
God, move your peopleMove in this placeThe Lord's name is powerfulForever God you reignYou call me cou
Speak Ugly empty silence in my chest You painful knot of bitterness Full of regret and accusation Speak Each part inside me that dies
I tried it. I will try anything once. I tried to trust you, believe your promises. I tried to follow you even if you were wrong. I tried to love you, trust me this time.
In the distance there is a decision Months will pass before it is decided But there can be no change or revision Within my mind, I am undecided  
I'm living in a castle made of sand.  It looks to be made of some hearty stone,  But I'm good at finding truth.  Sometimes I pluck it out of ears, like a magician's coin.  Truth is a bit more expensive. 
When I first looked at you It was as if the earth stopped My heart raced The speed of light does not compare to how fast you captivated my eyes Your smile Your laugh Your jokes You
Almost forgot To write About you Could it be You’re too far? Or maybe you’ve gone As fast as morning dew Forgot to tell Of the time of us You and I I owe you one.
We are freespirited. Kind.  Compassionate. Hopeful. Loving. But we are hurt. Tired of hearing about the do's and do not's. The can's and can not's.
I love you, With this Life. You will be my Wife   I will continually try, Please, do not cry. I will always Love you, & This is True   Even after I die
Now I sit here alone, as I cry and I write these notes. As I realize how much you love me; beaten down, stricken bone, up on the cross and you still told this cold and lonely world how much you love them.
Waking up, feeling like, got something to bring to the table Figuring out what that is can make you very unstable You try, but really, there is not a try Either ride or die, fake or fly Trying won't lift you high 
the decay of the leaves in late Summer really makes you wonder the thought of Cobblestone on the soft decor a life that was meant for so much more but what ? what are we searching for in this vast domain
Remain stuck, to figure out ways to cross the bridge Across it, lies the finish line that We cringe for Be dammed before you dont try and reach it Have faith in your alliegance So never fade, We meant it  
Remain stuck, to figure out ways to cross the bridge Across it, lies the finish line that We cringe for Be dammed before you dont try and reach it Have faith in your alliegance So never fade, We meant it  
Relax sit back & unwhind we got too much times on our hands when will we ever understand People believe you are what you do have we bitten off far more then we could chew these are desolate times
Keeping it real from the heart: We need to talk, Why is it that some people get away with things in society & others don't. It's a double standard. Also how come atheists have so much hate in their system ?
inside my brain lest I refrain lies a deep impulse to explode the notion of love that comes from heaven above I was given this gift as a child with pad and pen & a need to pretend
So many voices chattering their teeth, spreading lies and deceit wherever they please.   So many voices— when will they stop? for I cannot hear myself think.
I see the work of your hand, the incomprehensible beauty, keeping everything in its place. I hear your illustrious voice in the midst of the roaring seas, emitting an unrecognizable peace.
I watch my dreams dissipate as I sit idly by in silence; but what can I do when all I have, and all I need, I am certain, is in you, is you?
I planted a single seed left long ago In time roots sprung up out of the fertile soil In the game of life your time is very brief try turning over a brand new leaf
Crouched in his cavern of coal The miner does time on his shift Black permeates body & soul As he digs out the energy drift
excuse me what did you fart you always got something to bitch about nothing is every good enough for you you have bitten off far more then you could chew
get this young peeps out on the streets sitting back getting high up in the clouds (Hook) I bust a nut in a rut cooking down at the Mickey D's cats with blue hats out on the street 1st verse :
Suffering is a part of life, and I say But sometimes I just wish the suffering would go away Pain seems so useless, its purpose is so hard to find When I'm in pain I'm often abrupt, rude & unkind
you struck a chord yet deep within white lines that filtered through my brain the lover in life is not the sinner the less that you give your a taker
Feelings; sweet, nice, illogical, undescribable My heart beats faster than a locomotive with no stop She doesn't need a token to get on this ride It doesn't matter though
Love: You can't shut it out, like the crashing of a wave, Once it starts there is no stopping it So I try to enchant you with my smile, But I'm afraid it's just not your style
Sifting through the corners of my life, I find my grief And sorrow, is as great as my blessings and joys. Seeing what I have not, dwelling on what I don't have There is much to be said about faith, for it has carried me
Can You Hear Me... As the brown eyed lady approached the scene, she speaks no words, she has no grin She walks at a fast pace, at her workplace... She whispers in a soft, but troubled, voice, "Can you hear me ?"
the pain inside threatens the honesty we hide behind four walls burrowed pews with sawed off shot guns
Sits beside his window, his red-rimed eyes Unseeing In his mind are sunsets and rainbows, And shining stars in the dense cold blackness
a tiny seed was dropped out from a farmer's bag onto the fertile soil in time roots would spring up through the duration of time we have created a rhyme a pulse of the heart will light the spark to where we need to go
Love's Light through the duration in time we have created a rhyme finding solace amidst the quest of nature now is the expectant hour
Tranquility in reluctance to the search from within the vase jar still hangs by the window sill there are voices in my head no whispering a very faint sound of selfish fervor
     Once upon a time, in a concealed land where no man near to wander, a necromancer who settled in his compact cabin with worn out logs kept him protected from the outdoors. The man with no name had 
an ocean breeze fills up your senses the seagulls flock overhead inside there is something stirring as if heathers exploding within shadows block the temptress taunts alone in the silence,
What if Transparency we make love we give love yet sadness almost always fills our hearts there is a great void that block that imagination a peer of a sullen mast explosion
Death, thou was once an uncouth hideous thing, Nothing but bones, The sad effect of sadder grones, Thy mouth was open, but thou could not sing
Thy voice is on the rolling air; I hear thee where the waters run; Thou stand out in the rising sun, And in the setting thou art fair
Almost Christian Some mere mortals exist yet from a plated glass they live by sight not of faith at all. looking back at the world for comfort & pleasure Basking in the vast array of sin. self & Satan
Atheists Aren't Nuts Just Lost
The term "heavy metal" was coined to describe the loud, driving, guitar-based music popularized in the late 1960s. Over the years, bands have added new connotations to the term.
I am the weight of the cross I am the nails in your hands I am the soldier's laugh I am loved by you!   I am the thorns on your head I am the point of the spear I am the insults of the crowd
Sloppy Seconds wine, dine & sixty nine she was dressed to impress that night sporting long vicious hanging fangs that fright we came this far not to turn back now
There's only one way to find out how the grass tastes on the far side of the hill.
Looking out my window As the icicles hung from the roof, The sun melted the water from them And as each drop fell to the ground,
whispers... in the night send quite a bit of fright yesterday dreams of eating vanilla ice ceam outside in the street hearing people scream   going shadow boxing & I'm not lying
Run The Good Race Sometimes we must lose in order to win The unending challenge evading sin God's in his heaven All's well with the world
Jesus Christ Awake a pause to meditate on the pay a humble need to bow the knee to pray you came to open our hearts to turn us from Satan onto God
So many reasons why things are such Constant pains, the agony of defeat Yet I pick myself up from the waste lands Fighting harder and harder still
We allowed the lies of our lives to expire, when we used to dance around fires, while the heat of our bodies perspired to the gods without names that we lived to be desired by, that we saw from the rocks and the trees to the birds in the sky, and
Ride Like The Wind
it all started with a lie.. you lied about your taxes Dump Trump, Dump Trump what hump homegirl you got the world in a whirl can't really tell if your a boy or a girl I didn't vote for you gotta low IQ
Grant Me The Serenity Life, is it really worth living for ? I did not know until God opened the door
Welcome To The Grand Illusion where are we have we gotten lost ? hands, eyes & face deep inside were all the same a chance to rearrange in the membrane
Hope Again My Friend warm blankets fly away glowing pixie wings shatter the compulsion destroys everything charging in like a wild bull
What have I done wrong, Yet what have I done right? I feel so unwanted, But I know You hold me tight. My life is changing quickly, But it feels like I'm on pause. Problems are arising;
Divine Mortality When I think of being mortal I never chortle, but, instead I put those thoughts behind and hope to be divine If when I die there's nothing more and I will go away forever, never more
The Shaded Tree There's nothing like a warm summer day To picnic under a shaded tree, a gentle breeze To cool your mood as you gobble down food Swatting at flies from your fries and pies, make you
Lovers on the Beach While overhead the seagulls hover, and tiny sand crabs run for cover, the ocean sounds its steady roar, pounding against the snow white shore
A Poet To be a poet is to remain forever young To understand the sun before the scholar's words To be able to sleep and to sleep again On another planet in a secret meadow
The Wind That Blew The wind started to blow It was a col breeze So peacefully the wind blew Everybody and all the trees felt the breeze
Prince Oh lets see if I can remember My memory deceives me...the past has been long forgotten The present at ends-deadly Oh but the future !
There's A Feeling Deep Inside There's a feeling deep inside me that just won't go away Sometimes it reaches the surface, and sometimes it's tucked away
Once opun a time... Oh how cliche does that sound? To a hero I must always be bound I must always be the damsel in distress For no one else can wear such a beautiful dress I am a beauty for that I am sure
She is within an ever-lasting atmosphere, 
What does my soul want? You see if my soul wants something... The very thing that makes me, me... If it's crying out for something…
Who Am I   Asking me who I am can be answered on different levels Do you want to know my personality Or do you want to know my spirituality
I'm three years old and I can't speak about the things my mama does I caught her once
If you were to ask me a year ago, where I thought I'd be. I would say "dead" or "gone" Never would I have  imagined myself here. In this very room, surrounded by  everyone who I hold dear.
America? Known as a nation reborn, Through war and tragedy we still uplift our hopes. We take each other by the hand urging them to hold on, There are the men that choose to face each other causing hate and struggle.
Whether or not I pray to a God is none of your concern Whether or not I pray to multiple gods is also none of your concern
dreams. path. future. past i find these things don't always last  pain. promise. people. places  surrounded by unfamiler faces  another world, oh God's heaven  different eyes, didn't feel i could win 
This country is united but not under God, you're blind if you think this country isnt flawed. We have troops dying left and right, people dont say a word, People dont see the real picture, the real picture is blurred.
Scarecrow and lion Tin Man too Side by side All in awe Too much dust Not enough water Covered up truths Buried under evil
I simply visualize a place in'harmony...on my way home from work. But these torns have grown over my'path, constantly... stepping into climax!
I kept close watch of him barely through a keyhole, but just enough to see him grow. This way I could learn from him, see how life blooms in the dark. It must be done.
Some where in this universe is an answer truly. A question we all diverge as a result of our undoing. But this life is a test that we barely shine to admit. The colors we display on a map of old cold hatred.
I stood bare foot up first words whisper, to adapt I must adopt. An image no more a minority to the wide spread hatred we call war.
I see wisdom
Know Yourself. This life is not so easy, give time a tog to settle down for a reason. Realize it is inevitable to swerve out of place, like your first steps made, hardly to keep in pace.
I can see the grass grow higher -Oh how must this life come easy To grow as the wind blows -If only it was as swift to rest in peace
A song played on the radio. Told me that I gotta know That I'm not alone. Eyes welling with tears, I turned it up so I could hear. Someone with a love so great, That it never runs out.
Lifting my eyes to the sky above me, I enjoyed one last glimpse of the light. And as I prepared my heart, in came the clouds of darkness To surround me in a seemingly endless night.  
Three hundred and sixty-five days ago, I didn’t see, I didn’t know. Now my path seems so much clearer! Time speeds up, fate draws nearer.
Tempus Neminem Manet Time waits for no one Despite the lies you've been told There will be no more time to have fun No more time to laugh and run
Tears are slowly accumulating At the corner of my eye I hold my stomach aching in pain Each successive breath is slowly becoming too difficult to make
He stretches out the heavens like a canopy and spreads them out like a tent to live under. He allows us to play with the idea of walking in immeasurable confidence. So we can take risks without the fear of failure. We can,
Pull the rope from either end Watch it fray and snap and destroy from within.   Then squeeze the ball at its very core Till it’s a flat disk, with a pop, then a ball no more.  
It’s the third Friday of the month,young people’s night at its liveliest.  Fourteen to forty,youths of many ages file into the pews.   It’s been a long week,       a turbulent month, a trying year.
Each breath brings about A life enslaved in shadows Long days of one And time in scattered pieces   Afternoons hunched over
 She never liked the way her clothes fit on top of the skin that also never fit quite right. Her hands had always held things too tight and her feet could never run fast enough. She was either too much or too little for a demanding world.
When I wantto turn and fightand maimand hurt,I instead willturnand thankand helpand love.For not my will,but yours be done.
I felt soutterlydefeated.Nothing is goingmy way.Nothing is goinghow I wanted it to.I feelso lostand broken.
I held the whole bottleof little rose colored tablets.I slowly turned on the cdthat my youth pastorhad given to me. Maybe if I listen
It's strange,because he said to them,"Share this lovethat you have been givenwith every person of every type in all of the world."
At first, he was overjoyed to accept  the things these people told him.
Just for the tiniest momentI felt the Earthturn under my feet.I'm so small and imperfect moving only because You are leading.I never have felt so tiny or anchored.
Senior Year: Second semester College freshman: Second semester Prom, graduation, ditch day, freedom Fear, home sick, scared, broken A year of love and excitement
They say not to question God, for His ways are beyond our own. It was a Sunday morning, watching the sweat pour from my father's face as he delivered the Holy Word, "For I knew thee before I formed thee in the womb."
John 14:14 here;Got no reason to fear;Because if my God is near;Then we always have a reason to cheer.Mr. Smiff irritatin’, his spirit fadedHis lyrics jaded, his fear is makeshift,
This past year has taught me a lot, And its safe to say it hasn't been easy. No, its been anything but. I started it off happy. New state, new school, new faces, new me. 
Why must we feel heartbreak? From where does it come? I assure you this: It doesn’t come from above But rather from evil with malicious intent First pleasure, then pain and spiritual torment  
Dear God, I want to say thank you. Thank you for being here for me when nobody else was. Thank you for protecting me even when I was doing wrong Thank you for being my provider when I needed something 
I hear all these voices shouting, filling my head yelling, proclaiming: GOD IS DEAD. I will not be silent, I will not be ashamed, because the very God that knows my name
who am I? Am i different than i was the day before today? You tell me.  
Drowning in sorrow from the choices I've made in my past, Only God knows how long this pain is going to last. No one seems to know the heartache I have to swollow,
My days are building up, my days are building up now , the sound of the drums are like my heart now, I don't really wanna fit, i just really wanna give, giving thanks to the one that's up now, my faith just fills my cup now, it ain't done till I s
No light, Darkness reigns at this hour.   No sound, Sadness takes at this hour.   Can't feel, Senses are far away.   Can't breath. No air left to take in.  
Four long years you've been gone.We miss you.Every year we have to realize more and more that you're gone. The pain unbearing. My heart still tearing. No more advice. No more caring touch. 
Everyone shares, but not everyone cares. Poor child putting her heart out for the vultures.Just for a stroke of approval.Why?Because society says approval is needed. Human nature says approval is needed. 
Knives thrust deep within the backs of others; Smiles that keep igorant minds at bay; Words that break barriers and bones alike; Deception and destruction and acts of strife.   In a world so empty of hope.
My boat drifts away from the dock I sit and watch my dreams die.   How do I say, “it is okay, you have a plan.” You do have a plan, right?   The boat drifts to the horizon, my stomach drifts with it.
You have to know what God requires  In order for you to be what God desires Never hesitate to take the plunge  Because you are never alone God wants you to know how much you can handle Because as a child
What awakens my eyes? What seemingly invisible something Sparks my passion, without wrinkling my soul I grow older
I lay broken and confused because the past that has held me back for so long. Along came a glorious man who held out his hand and saved me from the dead. He held my hand on our treacherous leap of faith. 
Forget the white picket fence I hope for graduations and congratulations Not my people wishing for that fenceIt's the American Dream they tell you , but when your life is set up to watch you fall they fail youIt's inevitable , given the cards they
At the end of the day What have you done for others How much time did I spend reading lies Did I argue with God   Was I annoyed by a stranger
Am I living to work or working to live? Either way I'm still considered a kid. Alone in this hardship or helped by my dad The latter is something I've never had. They'll judge you and point, 
                               I left about a year ago and hung pictures on the                                                      Wall.
His Love It envelops me in happiness It makes my heart sing a song It pulls back the curtain of confusion It teaches me right from wrong  It shows me the purpose of life 
looking threw each eye the three folds of feelings can dictate your day.  Pain, love, hope . You may feel that your looking threw your pain.
If all stars were meant to be the same then they would have the same shape and size they would even be the same in the way they shine.
Faith. It sounds so simple. A cliche some might say. But to me, Losing my faith would be as if I lost my sanity.   My faith in God is a necessity. Without it, life would mean nothing.
I didn't know... that... It was a crime... To be real... So I guess ive been sentenced to life in prison for 1st,2nd, and 3rd degree words that burn your skin because you don't like the truth
A cloud of Turmoil Stress can just soil Positive Hopes Left Unsurfaced All the Dark Weather is  Just of Satan's Teather To Pull you in the  Sand that quicks the Despair of life that Creaks
He came over to the side of the sea; Out of the ship, Jesus saw a man who was quite unclean; He lived among the tombs, his life was bind in chains; He’d bust out of jail because he was wild, untamed.
Afraid that there is a greater potential  a box they give us to condition in if they do this long enough  they believe that we'll be trapped trapped in a mindset that they control No hope  No love
May I, by the power vested in me by the love I have for you,  Place this ruby ring on your quivering finger, Or will you slap it away?   May I, by the faith I have in God 
Short note: the following poem is in Villanelle style. As words that infuse life into a dark place, Poetry gave a face to the tangled mess in my mind, As strokes on a page that probe a soul’s triumph and waste.
35 mph. Why am I here. 42 mph. I am nothing. 57 mph. Everyone would be happier. I’m a miserable person. 64 mph. I can’t. I can’t I can’t I can’t anymore.
I sit in the buckle of the bible belt Fighting to merely exist As white men in stiff suits With smiles that never reach their eyes Sit in a room in DC
The snow crunches beneath my feet. Each cold step can’t be repeated Even if I say a do over is needed. God says control is his to keep And asks that I take the famed leap. That in this snowy, shadowy scape
thing is im weak so I fall to my knees I beg to you God please oh please help me  I need your strength to help fight this painyou are my light that guides the night I beg to you God please oh please help me  give me wisdom give me peace walk w/ me
It has been quite awhile, Lost in a world I did not belong in. Back to my roots where i was born in. Born again, Never looking back to the past that almost destroyed me. My mind melting, my thoughts clearing.
If you tell me again That we’re no different That we just happened Our luck was purely evolutionary I will give up trying Give up telling you that We’re different We’re special
  I've been guilty of my actions and not wanting to take the blame,  I've brushed it off and put my weight on another man’s shoulders thinking my sins will soon go away.
You are... You are my crazy, my sane, my strength, my weakness You are my law, my procalamtion, my truth, my forgiveness You are my ride or die, my #1 fan, my soldier, my ally
As I stand here on this nightand look way up aboveI see God's heavens in my sightAnd I'm overwhelmed with love To picture such a marvelous placeFilled with love and peaceFull of eternal life and spaceWhere His love shall never cease All of which I
As I stand here on this nightand look way up aboveI see God's heavens in my sightAnd I'm overwhelmed with love To picture such a marvelous placeFilled with love and peaceFull of eternal life and spaceWhere His love shall never cease All of which I
I want to make a distinction Between “human” and Homo sapiens “Human” is my choice Homo sapiens is my species And I want to make a distinction Between “animal” and “Animalia”
He walked in and he left He left and he came His heart and his soul Was put to shame   I watched and I waited I waited for his gesture I couldn’t compare him To any other sinner  
I believe in a god But not a god that others do   I believe in a god That makes bookstores feel mystical That makes you catch a whiff of old books That makes you almost swoon with nostolgia   
I need help I need something to hold me ever close Because everyday that I look out of my eyes to peek at the world that I will admit I sometimes despise I feel like I want to die I need help
Standing here, surrounded by my belongings I wonder: If the fires blazed high And my room was to touch its lights What would I take with me?
If I didn't believe in tomorrowI wouldn't have a today,or even a yesterdayto speak of.That's
My feet walk over this earth and I remain ignorant to so many things. From whom the mirror shows me To how  to use my hands But my mother has told me about you She kissed the crown of my head when I still could not see nor talk And whispered "Than
They   tried,  
The LORD has set us free; the KING of Kings has broken every chain. Our GOD is breathing life into us; IMMANUEL is making dry bones live again. The TRUTH has given us a new name;
The one thing I cannot live without is the belief that I am GOOD ENOUGH. Before I realized I was GOOD ENOUGH, life was much harder, days much longer, problems much bigger AND worries much more suffocating.
Most of my generation is focused on social statuses How many friends and likes They get on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter It's like our lives Equate to a laptop and a cellular device
after work I sit on a pillow and meditate   before school I sit on a pillow and meditate  
I've lost faith in others, I've lost faith in myself. I had forgotten what it is like to love, And gave into anger and fear. I started to shut everyone out, For fear of getting hurt again.
When a rough day has passed,filled with tears brought on by the persecution of my peers,I look towards the sky and see,that despite the storm, the sun fights to shine brightly.When the memory of my dear brothers last days cloud my mind,my heart sh
Scared, worried, alone; Emotions flooding my concious.  These feelings won't subside. Almost like waves crashing against the shore, Of that lonley island I sat on.   My world is turning,
My life is complex, filled with tragedy Two years had gone by and I was still in agony  My world was shattered Broken and battered I had no hope  How does a 17 year old cope? God was my light 
I have this friend that I am useless without. I know, I know, Friends are not meant to last forever. But this one sorta does.
Desolated Alone I face the pale murky water The greenish blue reflects back at me I am scared And alone I cling to small promises in my hands Only hoping A mere flame
My cousin says I'm wrong,My sister says I'm living a lie. But each day I still take a secondTo smile at the sky.  
God I need you, can I take your hand? You're patience and mercy are something so grand. The things you give me I do not deserve. But still you're grace I continue to observe. You are my rock to which I cling.
Me, a piece of dust Floating around helplessly, hopelessly Waiting for something to happen Possibly a miracle But nothing appears to be happening   You, the charm of hope
Money is fabulous. Friends can be cool. However, what is life if I had nothing to look forward too? I need faith.  Without faith, I would be a living waste - sitting in disgrace.
They ask me what I could never do without and I am tempted to say a name or a place But I realize now what I could not survive without
I stand here on this island Feeling almost alone Feeling as if there's nothing But there's always something you can hold  
The sun kissed her velvet skin as she opened her arms out to the shore. “Take me as I am!” Nobody wants to be left here with nobody. The wind ran its fingers through her sweet hair. “Love me for me!”
The mountains bow down to You. Oceans cry out for Your glory. You have created us and set us above angels.   
Some may say its just a necklace,that it just hangs around my neck all day.They laugh and claim that anyone can payfor this necklace that hangs around my neck all day.
I've thought about this question plenty, too plenty to recountI could shame the number of ripples in the water surrounding theisland in which im stranded, with how many times I've rejected You.
I sit here all alone— In my room— Such a mess. I’m starting to remember all I have to do. I’m starting to think about all that I could’ve done. I’m beginning to fall in that hole I know so well.
Faith   The unparalleled charter of an Island life can take you by storm. The waves crashing against the shores to reassure that they are your only call. No people, No love, No trust
For a year My eyes were on you My faith in you too Your words in my head The tears on my bed For a year I belonged to you And not with you I kissed in vain And took the pain.
What can't I live without What I can't  breathe about  Breathe to the understanding of my own self What I can't  live without What i can't  eat without Eat without the comfort in my own shell
War. Violence. Hate. Anger. Rage. Hurt. Our world has been destroyed. People are toyed. Where is the love? Who disturbed the peace? Evil is dancing. The Devil is grinning.
I miss my family every day. I think about each passing grain in the hourglass. I think about how desperately I’d rather be free than be here. However, I cannot begrudge the calamities which have been delivered,
Hope is one I cannot live without. She cradles me as I sob on my knees, scraping them on once-holy ground, now tainted by blood and hate. In the dark, she guides me, a beacon of light where none exists. 
Step... Step... Step... Look now! What Have We Here? By God, it's a Turtle! Taking her First Steps! Shyly, Hesitantly, and on Wobbly Legs Could You Ever Believe She Could Step Out of Her Shell At Long Last?
Sometimes I wait, I wait for you to come knock, knock, knocking,  on my door again. I wait for you to come beg me on your hands and knees for forgiveness,
All I need is my Bible, my faith in Godpursuing through my blood and enveloping loveFrom the man who taught me to hate, and stole my loveMy teacher, my abuser, stole my heart away.
You cast your light like candles in the darkness, You love like a flame, Darkness cannot conquer you, No shadow can overcome you lighten rays.   You insert your ignited incandescence into my icy heart,
Faith, its the only thing I need To stay safe and sane Knowing God is with me calms me Through storms & rain I know he's the only one The only one who won't leave Leave me stranded or wondering 
“My Awakening” Waking up everyday My life has not been the same; I got that voice in the back of my head
I feel like I've beenSitting on a swingWaiting for someone to push meBut sunset comes
There is a sadness that we feel When we learn that Santa's not real This sense of loss feels quite the same When we grow up and learn true pain People lie and people kill People die and yet I still
Live? Live in a stranded world, stranded in life. Alone? Alone on this earth, this lonely earth. Take? Take luxuries for granted. Bring one luxury to this lonely stranded life.
Never. Never give up on me. I'm like a tree, budding in my love for thee First, I will not know For my limbs had not yet been free From their canopy of leaves Then when I do, I'll be uncertain,
Memorable Medallion   Hail Mary. Bearing a lily, St. Gabriel does not tarry With expostulation and adoration Of the Blessed Virgin.
My dreams, plans, desires, merging at one location. Faith is what I'll bring.
You. I have always needed you. I needed you when I was a small girl, You chased away the darkness, The nightterrors that stalked my dreams ran when you shed your light. I needed you when they came up to me,
Jesus Christ, Who am I? A daughter of your kingdom? A snake in the bushes? A servant to your people? A wicked woman?   Why is this so much easy for other people? Is it really?
All I need is the love of my God For He will keep me safe and secure From the hands of the arrogant That thrive from the devil’s hand His kindness will keep me warm
It's meant to be read every day
Have Faith Faith we cannot live without A life without it, Is it a life at all? No The idea of believing that crumbling humanity will overcome the odds
Jesus, He is Lord of Lords and King of Kings,Jesus, He is the Son of God and God's Word is the truth of all things,Jesus, He is God
"The girl that on one sees A season she can't control  Pent up emotion she cannot free This time it's taking it's toll Down on bended knee Not freely these tears roll The breaking burning plea
There was once I felt lonely, and at times I felt hopeless. It's in those times I wondered where you were or where you went. Those are the times I needed you most, why weren't you there?
We were poles apartDestined to come togetherIn the name of God,Love and friendshipWe took the leap of faithSometimes our paths were darkSometimes they were brightWe were co
Waves: crash,Sand: coarse, grainy, irritable,Waves: crash, break,Shells: sharp, jagged, painful,Waves: crash, break, awaken,Sun: hot, blinding, powerful,Waves: crash, no more,
He will never turn away from me no matter how many times I push him away or doubt His love Or question him angrily about why I feel this way and why terrible things happen I cannot truly live without His love
I gasp in fear as I for the first time see The frightening, frothy foam around me With selfish fright, I see the swiftness of the water Flowing steadily to you, my father  
It is painful, you seeTo watch as the peopleI grew up with and underChangeBlur from who they wereAnd not often for the betterIt feels as if my family is a landmassThat is breaking apart
Fate works in mysterious ways Putting me through pain on most of my days Mental and physical, it has no preference For in my mind pain has taken up residence   But still I wonder for what reason this is
Raised to work Raised to survive Raised to live but never feel alive Raised to hate by twisted fates from prior hearts that had no ounces Raised to fail in the eyes of success
All I need is freedom... Praises to the authority When majority Promoted white robes as a conformity Of your suppression Waiting too long for legal protection
Question the world around you of the truth Be the one to ask, be the brave It is stemmed in your youth That you are meant to be in this cave The truth is what to seek Don’t listen – you aren’t weak  
Sweet songs,    sifting. Hold on,    hope’s in you. Dear child,    keep your lips widely speaking. Honey,    please smile.
She set sail on the seas of life,Her boat held together by the nails of christ.She bailed the water of trials and tribulationFor she knew she was stronger then the power of satan. At times she felt so lonely on the stormy seasSo she bowed her head
Sweet child, listen. Please will you look at me? I know you see the water.          the peace beneath the sea. But maybe one day,          We’ll go look at that for ourselves…
Standing on the edge on the brink; Chaotically confused. Tears fall faster than you can catch them. Loud inner voices make it hard to think. Your fears and reality have fused.
Mom, for so long my heart was an etch a sketch And I kept it drowned in the depths of childhood memories Where your remindings from Aged scars and past improper lovings Would constantly change my mind and remind me
Time.   It has grown these knarreled and misshapen oaks.   It has ravaged and swelled these grey grey graveyards.   And it faded  the once  great abbey into
I've always been a believer.. I used to believe I needed to be inhebriated to appreciate the things that he's created.  
Come on, go.Go. Don’t you knowthis can’t really harm you- I'm hereand you’re perfectly fit for things like this.No time to reminisceabout the solid groundyou’ll leave, then hit.
Endless tunnels going where? Voicemails left on my dead phone Burning through November air   Tired eyes and windswept hair Hazy buildings, moonlit stone Endless tunnels going where?  
I done went up the mountain and uh i even back slid became a product of my environment I hopeless told God that I hope this life don't last forever why am I still here I know that there's something better than the chedder
i used to think that god listened to me when i prayed at night,my knees stained with remorse as i kneeled by my bedside desperately pleading to be absolved of my human
Resilient. For I can sail my boat despite the chaotic storms. In the dictionary you would find my name, picture, soul next to the definition of resilient. What made me resilient? My battles.
                                             When I became a Man
Dark, shallow, chained.
As I stand here on the brink of destruction
Picture the summer of 2014. Driving on the freeway. Walking along the beach. Blasting music with the windows down.   Is this going to be a typical California summer? Not in the slightest.  
Rise   What is it like to stand alone? Isolated, deserted?
He wipes the dust of his Bible in times of need. Eats the bread cause he's hungry. Hungry because he plants the seed so God can see he still believes. He confesses he's sorry he's never seen In Church
A lady came up to me today, She had lost both breasts With soul in her eyes she spoke of a savior. Naive promises of saccharine salvation and loving embraces  Coated her tongue. "It’s too good to be true"
Even though the shattered mirrors reflect a broken person scattered and young,
In this life, I have sat with the lowest of lows; And have been seated at the heighest of heights... But of all the places I've been, Nothing compares to kneeling in the presence of Grace.
"Beautiful" It's high praise no matter who you are. But to just another young fella Who gets used to his mom calling him "handsome" Probably because she's obligated to "Beautiful" is something else
Through my own special needs I have been able To perform good deeds Because of my life As a musician I can now live For God in submission   Through years of therapy
To some God is an all powerful being, with power and might To others he's a mystical being delusional people pray to at night If there is a God, why do we suffer through pain
And she layed there, body nude in the night,
We live in a world of impossible possibilities  A world where nothing is really reality
I'm blind to lines Except the red ones, by design, Like loose leaf, looking higher Seeing white, being inspired to try By a margin of heaven Above a sea of blue lies  
Desperation took me by the hand and led me down the gravel road Pain made the humidity bearable and I went after what I was owed Fear cleared a path and pushed my comfort zone all the way
I may feel alone but there's always someone with me I may feel unloved but I know someone loves me unconditionally 
I have an infinite faith that never ends within the obstacles that I face there is a light of hope that shines so bright in my heart and soul. I have an infinite faith that god granted
A life without a reason Is like a songbird without sound And unless I am told plainly How surely I’ll run aground   The sun never rises Seasons never change or go around
I am the little girl who likes to be alone.  I’m from hurtful words that nobody knows about, where the world is a playground and my life is a song.  I am from remembering a time when each day was long.  I am the friend who always smiles when noth
My love is a chemical, a pulse, and a shock.   My heart is just meat beaten tender.   When I  throw up my hands they are only  bones in a row,
Somewhere on the highest mountain
I am only human  I can only do so much 
Love isn’t a rose
*/ /*-->*/
My hand is here all you have to do is take it  you will have everything you need by just  believing in me 
I am Tillar I am named after a small town in southern Arkansas that means so much to my family I am my grandmother's sweat tea and banana pudding I am my daddy's brown hair and green eyes I am Choctaw and Cherokee
Never shall I forget that beautiful church in Tigard.
his blood cries out this the offering of Abel by faith he fell by his brother he was slain   God had reguard and delighted in Abel through righteous blood, salvation gains
 "More, more" they say, "More, more." These voices won't stop. This emptiness won't be filled enough. "More, more." These voices continue to say, "More, more."  More of what? More friends. More money.
List five miles long
No: life isn't horrible. No: life isn't terrible  or terrifying. No: I cannot stand silent anymore. Yes: I will stand up for  what I know is true  and right. I may be only one voice.
If I were a duckling, the church was my mother. I folllowed and obeyed to please one another. I knew not why I'd bother to question, Why I'd always head my elders instruction.
LIght Shines  Illuminating Dark Places once useen Beauty is now revealed in the Lord's  Creation
You said
The Sun   She brings us life and joy; despair Her silent song a covenant of care– Our faithful servant in the air   A gilded messenger, inasmuch:
Since we were younger you've always loved and never had a reduced fascination with what seems to the world just a common animal,
Call it beauty Call it beauty when the stars blanket the night sky When the birds sweeten the morning air When the rain rejuvenates the fresh soil When waterfalls look like falling pristine sugar
Everyone knows the saying, "life isn't fair. Although the obstacles we face in life may make us more strong, dominant, and capable to conquer what challenge we will face
Thoughts always cloud your mind Disappointments seem to bring you down The future tends to scare you Hard work sometimes just doesn’t seem to pay off Life gets rough, times get tense
We had the perfect ending But yet a destructible beginning Me and you together we were what everybody imagined to be Truthfully we had enough energy to start World War III We masked our love with imperfections
Don't worry about Tomorrow, just worry about Today. Don't worry about Tomorrow, that's what they always say. Yesterday I had my troubles, and tomorrow is my victories,
The Devil is trying to knock me down The Devil is intimidated by my mental But God says I’m the talk of the town There is something about me that’s elemental
I received a phone call from my father Explaining that it was all too real And all too sudden This man he spoke of did not sound like the uncle, his brother I knew
The world is so cold we say but it doesn't have to be We say that the skies are gray but isn't it you who chose them that way? See we have two options in this life: to live, to die to whither, to fly
Depression and anxiety,Those things that try to come back to me.O and that PTSD,
Feeling silly as a goose
 Faith is awesome.
Ink-smudged hands betray me Proof that I'm still fighting  My thoughts can be rambunctious I don't quite know where I am
Tears fall steadily after the trauma If you came to grips with it, at least Those around you whisper things like "drama" Each of us faces a diff'rent beast  
 Your birthday's on the clock is teasing me Should I have let you leave? Come back if you care God please lead me to where I need to be I trust that you or who will be with me   
you know even with all the pain in my life i still live each day and get through the night i must still be looking for something or maybe someone because if i wasnt looking you bet i'd just run
I am a daughter of God, but in no way am I perfect   I am not a perfect daughter nor will I be a perfect bride.   I’m afraid to admit that the reflection I see might not even really be me.
  Oh! My down and dark friend!
Two mountains before me have been put,  Towards the first I look, 
When I was younger and the world was bigger I’d often travel far, far away To places where I was happy and unaware Drive on, drive on, until we reach tomorrow day  
Hard-core, A man with an iron will, Seeker of justice in a world of chaos.   He has his moments of weakness, vulnerability... But in such times she always holds him up, supports him,
You stagger through the door, belligerent and blind. Anger that only spirits could invoke - menacing - gleering through your eyes.
I didn't believe. What happens when you die? Is there a heaven and hell or am I living a lie? I didn't believe. You see stuff on the news. You figure none of those things can possibly happen to you.
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Gabriel. My friends call me Gabe. And my father, well he hardly calls me at all. How's that for subtle? Please don't feel sorry for me.
Hummingbirds Hummingbirds give me hope I see them buzz, they rarely mope. When I’m tired and blue Few creatures point directly back to you. Those Hummingbirds that do not sing
Pot Luck Papa My dad brings odd things to the table. The contents of which, are appropriate for fable. Succulent shrimp and other crustaceans delight. While odd concoctions bubble, giving children a fright.
I love you, don't you know that yet? You are my rock My moon My sun My ray of hope  My sunday morning The weight that holds me together You are the main star to my night
Mediocrity is dominant in the addressing of global issues.  'The world will heal, just give it time.'  That time is mine granted by
Enslaved by thought so I carry the tale with worn feet, My kind was contained to cultivate something sweet. Sugar cane working, Rays from the sun start to sting- My ancestors with worn feet wished for fresh wings.
It can move mountains, can reveal fountains, of life and breath,
Faith You've Lost  
We are all just specks On the dirty, dirty hands
Who care's he snarls,  All alone with your face in the corner nowhere to run, My World's ice'd over covered in snow,  Then I hear a vioce it say's I care, Jesus Christ you heard my prayer's,
They say He is not allowed in my life They say He is not real He is not worthy           He is not gracious            He is not kind
These people be looking at me like I'm crazy Like the shit I been doing ain't the right shit maybe Maybe I'm loosing my mind I haven't been feeling right lately Like all these demons inside been tryna step out on me
One of my biggest filters would be
Forget The World With Me?
  Sometimes I hold my head in my hands and sink into the sheets teeth in a soft lip turned chapped too much pushing on me from all sides from nowhere
The future is there
Without the filters who am I? Without the filters will I die?   Millions persuaded to become something they're not, only to find that out that what's inside....has changed a lot.  
I prayed for the patience to wait for you and finally here you stand
Gone is the color in their eyes. Because of the choice of one person, On the ground, they all fell down   The cries for justice, When these three went, They all die down.  
I am flawless because i am forgiven Washed to purity By love that wrote eternity A sinner declared saved I will never be betrayed I am loved by Him And when I fail He forgives again
The voices in my head Laughs and stalks Mocking their way to my heart   My heart has a door The key Jesus He is who opens and locks.   The voices in my head Laughed and stalked
He called them to the sea A boundless tempest raging Those of little faith witnessed it made still Iēsus Nazarēnus, Rēx Iūdaeōrum Made still for the faithful to come   Without the storm
       Two people and one room, or so one person in one house. Three children in one forest, yet thousands of souls mixed in a habitat of guts and glory.
Seit drei Jahren muss ich's ertragen,
Our days are no longer filled with faith and honesty; But with people who seem faceless. We can’t rely on the world and allow them to make up feel worthless;
Why does suffering exist If God loves us so much? Isn't he all-powerful? Then why can't he make traffic go faster, get rid of my flu, heal my daughter's cancer, bring back my husband?
To wish upon a star Is to latch your dreams onto the insubstantial To meld fantasy into reality And believe in something magical The tiny pinpricks of light Each the capital of its own nation
Hold on Turn around Take a look at what we've found I've had a hard time believing  That everything happens for a reason But I see it I see it now   I don't know where I'm going
Yet me walk in your shoes so I can soften them up so your feet don't touch the hard ground you step on.
I look in the mirror And I am you
She stands looking in the mirror and what does she see ? what she appears to be  a young woman of faith  filled with promises from above Her flaws run deep  yet she is washed clean
"True believers are a dime a dozen," the old crow used to say. "What's there to believe?" the young colt always asks. "God is the answer," the immovable turtle proclaims.
Love is cruel, to the sovereign heart, men like me only known in part, struggles within that I never shared, with the one who told me that she really cared, my mind is now reeling and filled with regret, I cannot move forward, even take my next b
All of our years we work and try to see, The girl or boy we are supposed to be. We go through school being judged and bullied, Just to turn around and judge and bully. We are called to act with love and kindness,
Hey.   Hi   Are you ever going to answer me?   Daddy, I know I have screwed up alot, but please just say hi?  
Cancer is scary, Cancer is frightening, but don't worry child, Because I know you won't stop fighting,
Long walks on the beach Looking into your eyes 
You flawed up, they’d say You a mess up, they shout Hair a mess, tears were more, they were cruel They couldn’t care less how I was hurting to the core, they were cruel.
One white kid in the whole neighborhood All my friends spoke Spanish but still I knew the truth That every one of us wants the same exact thing To find a safe haven and to have a family  
Mom a word that's supposed to mean safety,but to me it's the epitome of MAYBE,  MAYBE she'll be here tonight or tomorrow, MAYBE out drinking, I'm thinking, this word mom makes me feel irate,
  Faith is never an easy entity to face. What does it look like? Does it have two eyes? No eyes at all?   Faith is walking when everyone tells you there’s no ground.
Cheers to the unforgettable memor
A broken family With harmful words  A mind filled with caged birds Yelling, screaming float up above  headphones, earbuds singing love A pure mind, a white dove Slamming doors, broken windows 
Tonight, I can write about a broken moment in time,   About a lone wolf, Whose power and grace fell, As the heavens would cry, Shunned because she didn’t fit in, Didn’t agree with the status quo,
I Woke Up Like This... Faithful.  
I’m driving to the store. I look left at a stoplight; A girl is applying on mascara on her already thick lashes  In the limited time frame that we have and I think of
Dear brother, I wrote this poem to and for you.
Your scent reminds me of blossoms Your smile is the light of my mood Possibly seeing myself in your eyes That swift touch like heavens bliss   Treasuring those senses For those smell, sight, and touch
  Her widsom to empower the future  to belive that a dream can  become a reality  no matter what boundary steps aside  there will always be " Widsom and Hope"
It isn't just a word we use For when things will be fine It isn't just said to amuse Or recite a religious line   It isn't just a simple lyric In a hymnal song
The alarm goes off. My sheets fly off me and my feet hit the ground running. My family wakes up. Mom is putting on her uniform and dad puts on his collar. My house comes to life. 
Scared in a world with a variety of people, the rejects, the nerds and quiet people . With the people who belong on stages and are natural leaders , those who belong at the steaple.
  What uplifts me? Such a simple question But difficult to answer What does it mean? "What inspires me?
there comes times we have to be strong and admitt we are wrong .you can continue your journey  if  your not accepting youre own mistakes . mistakes are apart of  human nature and that is what makes us stronger
I stay positive for friends and foes. They're the ones who need it the most. I try to be the light of their lives. Just to keep them one more night. Alive. They need to know someone cares.
And I'm still thinking why. . . Why did god chose me for this struggle on my journey Who am I, why does my appearance gives the right to judge me.
On the floor with no pulse, no time to grieve. I saw him stiff and cold,     the one who had embraced me in warm arms                      just that night.before.
See the faith in your own light Do not be lead by those who want you to see what captures their own sight Fallow the path that stretches infront of you
There once was a little girl Went home to the wrong house Hid it all, behind a smile Said I just need a little love But knew she’d never find it in that place She prayed, Lord, make me a butterfly
Love me. Hold me and never let me go. This world is too heavy for me to carry by myself and I cannot deal with these demons of mine on my own.
I declare a war, that has been necessary since the beginning of time, a war that has been put on hold for far too long.  A war that is without physical and seeable death, but full of pain and sorrow.  
How to be demonstrative of positive? I suggest gladness is an evocative, And through a consequence of the causative; a presence of your highest prerogative.   It’s rare to find care in a world of unfair.
The person beside me didn't study but I heard they got a 92 seating looking at my test doesn't even look like I tried my best.
I was one in the dark, you know? Following a pace Destruction was its face Tall and Slim Dark and Grim Too much to care.   The light Was too fair   My itchy ears
  Since the moment you are created
Faith People say that we are molded by our experienes I have looked death in the face I have seen friends perish People have burned before my eyes My future was never certain Each day became a gift
When God Speaks you better listen. I’m hardheaded as shit. In one ear out the other type. I don’t wanna hear nothing no one or anyone has to say because I think I know everything.
A junior in high school, Falls into despair so quickly, Tries to go with the flow, To formulate a show, A star meant to glow, Lost its incandescence, Now seeking assistance, Is it too late?
Behind a shadow 
I wake just to hear my parents argue back and forth in fear. I didn't know what was going on.   As I listen, they yell at my sister... every denial from her made my dad angrier.
As we travel up the steep mountain, There are trials and tribulations we face That we overcome and proceed on
you love to call me thick  that must be a slick way to tell me to lose weight .  You tell me to put salad on my plate .  I heard you World , to be honest .  This pound cake is too good and it already on my plate . 
The Path
Why do I write? There was a time when I could say quite simply, Because I love it so. But since March 21st... It seems that isn't so. Now all I write about is the past
I've gotten tired lately, dreaming of a something. So abstract. So tiring.
I keep blocking it out Tying not to hear it Can't face the truth Can't bear to stand it   Trying to stay strong But it's so hard to do Because I can't help but hurt
A Prayer   Thank you Lord, For darkness and light, Thank you Lord, For giving me sight.
Courage, why have you left me
Here I sitand wonder why.Why am I here?Is it just to die?Or is there a reasonFor this crazy world?A reason to be hereto spin and to twirl?
Sometimes, enough is enough you tap out before the going actually gets tough nevertheless, no one else is in your position except you battling and fightng to get through
Upon this TreeWritten by Adam M. SnowLook upon this tree,a Man hung for us to see.
God's HeavenWritten by Adam M. SnowA vision splendid of the Heavenly scene,filled my mind with an image so clean:
This Lost LambWritten by Adam M. SnowOh by the morning strike of dayand by the calm obscure of night,
To the mother, to the child, to the lover, to the fool,  
When my wings got seared off by the sun, when i free fell, saw the ashes of my hopes and dreams gently floating after me, I thought I was done, that the ocean would end my agony
The same brain, body and gender.   Having a light make-up,   We go out.   Wearing pink dresses and high-heels.   As usual...  
jump head first into the flaming inferno because he told you so   try not to sweat when he calls you a pussy   let the third degree burns be a reminder to never trust a soul  
There is a world where society tell women their looks matter more than their brains And shoe shopping and lipstick are more coveted than Master’s Degrees and smiles.
What would you describe faith to be? would it be a feeling? Maybe an emotion, an action, or is faith a THING? I see faith to be something unseen, It's like walking blindfolded,
Him Something about him His laugh, his smile, something that's him This isn't like me
When I was three I watched the clouds form around my mother, I watched her retreat into herself. I watched my father leave And I became the protector.
He whispers through my being,aiding my growth as an individual.
He whispers through my being,aiding my growth as an individual.
Oh, the days are getting longer it seems. This technology is getting smarter than me! Now the sun seems much stronger than the breeze, This heat will bring my closed mouth to speak.  
We could fill an entire library With the things we never say to each other; Volumes upon volumes Of quiet "I'm sorry's" and tear-soaked "I love you's".   I told you once, a year ago
I live in this broad bubble that I all a life.  But i know thats not right.  I have become so scared of failing thatg I no longer try. Dulled passion just trying to get by 
Before proceeding, you must first understand one basic primordial idea that my family and I have lived with for most of our lives: the idea of one true God.
Why do I let the things that crush my soul Bruise my demeanor, my attitude, my outlook on life? Is it because my mind, a vast space filled with dreams of love and adventure, Hope and happiness, splendor and joy,
Everything that I have ever known is a lie. You don't realize it till someone say it in your face. I was living a life of sin. You take a step back and re-evaluate your whole life.
It rained,It rained on my parade,I tried to stop it,The incessant drizzling,The floods from God,The tears from heaven,I tried to stop it,But I couldn't, so it rained.
There are moments in the night when I wish for someone to lay next to me, embrace me in their arms, and not let me go till the moon finally takes its leave.
In less than a month's time, My world will change From the familiarity of my home and siblings To the unknown of university.   Who will I meet?  How will I progress? The infinite possibilities dash
"You did this" I think this as I try to sleep my first night at my fourth foster home that year. I am ony six years old. As that night was not cold, my heart was chilling to my soul,
I'm wondering if I'm going to heaven or hell. I should know just that so many lies people tell. Corrupts my intel. They say I'm destined for damnation. They put me on the spot like Dalmatians.
Look at me and tell me what you see. A young black educated male is what I hope you perceive me to be.  I have God beside me, my parents behind me and my family around me and I’m going to strive to be all that I can be.
Look at me and tell me what you see. A young black educated male is what I hope you perceive me to be.  I have God beside me, my parents behind me and my family around me and I’m going to strive to be all that I can be.
It’s vital to know, the stakes I conceive Are heaven or hell, nothing or rebirth But how can I know when I must believe?  
Wake up expecting, Forget the mistakes worth regretting, Stay in peace when the situation is upsetting.
She never thought the day would come; When pen, paper, and she, were one,  but what was a young foreign girl to do ? When no one could hear her silent cries. All she had was her notebook, who promised to hear.
Why can't we all get along and sing a song why must bullying occur everywhere and on the web Why can't these men be a father while the woman play both parts in a child's life
The day I gave you my life  shed tears the way you shed your blood for me  declared my love for you the way you've always shown your love for me that is when The Chase began..  the devil wanted me 
You may only have Two Feet but A step at a time is All it Takes.
The chill from the propeller Up at jumping altitude Runs down the body, up my spine And electrifies the mood  
It’s a love/hate thingThat I wish I could stop.It’s a Cinderella dreamThat I wish I could swap
I want to go inside the head of someone elsethat way I can think thoughts that are beyond myselfI want to know what they know, see what they see,I wonder if they even think about me.
Sweetheart, let me in.It's time for our lives to b
I reach for the canister of ash And take my thumb and smear it On my neck, like a holy gash.   I wear my thread every day. I don't question my faith and I never look the other way.  
She looks like heaven  to me She says no but that's okay not everyone can see The way her eyes shine in the morning
When we met, you were just another girl But now for some reason you are my world I havent seen you in a while but it cool My heart says otherwise, maybe i'm a fool The days go by, we hardly speak nowdays
Growing up you took care of me no matter how bad i was you gave me food and a roof and a mothers love from hugs and kisses to beatings and punishment i laugh so much when i think of all of it
She looks at it. It looks at her. Like looking in a mirror. Nature vs. Nurture. She reclines her seat As she watches the breeze Whisk around the palms And give ache in her feet.
My skin, my bones are crumbling.   My remains are becoming dust.   And from my decomposing self,   I hope that your flowers will grow,  
Feel the breeze sweep listfully forward As you creep slowly toward, That goal you see in you mind   Don't stress about the small things Just focus and grow your wings, Don't let anyone tell you "no"
You are always there...   When the sun starts its rise The stars and paint merge their glows The night's soft demise As the surrealism flows No matter how unreal Whatever reality may be
I am fragile. To look at me you would see a young woman standing at 5 ft. 3 inches and think “Of course she is fragile.” But no… My stature does not determine my strength.
4 years ago i thought, "i will never make it", i almost gave up, but instead i faked it,   I was so depressed, nothing inside, but my friends gave me hope, and i decided to try,  
I want to do it right. See, and that's my problem right there. Because in my desire to do life right I become terrified of making mistakes And turn to what the world (the general consensus) says.  
This is my life And it will be full of enjoyment So first things first You've lost employment   You said I needed you And would be there for me But I got over 2 decades
No need for sadness for the deceased  They lay in peace  They are only sleeping  No need for weeping  Just smile Your heart is strong, it could run a mile. 
How well is my destiny written down That times are exact Situations are perfectly placed with the ideal obstacles That made the encounter with him magical  
I’m having thoughts, of bitterness and hate I don’t know why! Why won’t they go away? I’m hearing voices of death all around me
I've listen to you for far too long and it's time I turn back to the one who has never turn his back on me So you can shut me out put me down even hurt me  take away my hopes and dreams
  I am searching for an inspiration Something to allow me to get into action
Hope   mommy im hungry  and she replied sweetie i don't have any money mommy i need this outfit  and she replied sweetie i don't have it
As several people presented their personal projects At least five people said they were “religious” And this word was used to describe their Christian faith Why not just say “I‘m a Christian” “I’m a believer”
Ok I’m trapped in this world Matter fact, I’m trapped in my mind
Broken roads engulfed with rubble A heart apiece, blind eyes focusing Who can stand to face the trouble The hearts that burn, spurned Eager to face another day, wanting
i'm nowhere near theAlpha and Omega, whohas made all to come.
You can find me where the dust sparkles in the window from the sun's rays You can find me- there   I'll be hiding beside the curtain blending into the wall
landing lights stomp ancestors awaken themselves on my hand, belongs the nail of a great-great grandmother on my face is an ancient beauty mark, belongs to a great-great-great grandfather
God will give you time To reflect and find your thoughts, So don't worry. He has your back And guards it well.   God will give you strength
I am no one important Just a person on the street You pass me on the way to work Or school, or a friend activity   I am no one important Or so it would seem
For what you do not know could be for better or for worse. To say this one or that one or what about none? For what we see hindsight seems like 20/20 But in the midst of the rising
To be or not to be...What is it meant to be in the land of the free?Whilst many grieve in pain and agony,Searching for joy, but constantly struck with misery,Told you can be, whatever you set your mind to be,
She is...More precious than the jewels that surround her King, the Queen is flawless her love is deeper than the bluest ocean the greenest forest...
  Sometimes all you can do is stand. All you can do is keep on working, pushing towards brighter days.
My 87 grandmother has been through a lot. She’s had five different cancers, Multiple tumors, intestine troubles, and a stroke. She lost all control of her body, time after time. But she never gave up.
And I fall to my knees yet again Say a prayer I have no faith in Full of hope but know it's hopeless I'm just a bunch of broken pieces
Tonight Dear father, I put aside my greed. To pray for those who really are in need. For the children crying, beaten black and blue. I hope they get the chance, to live and fulfill their youth.
Sometimes its hard to let go
I want my faith to be like a tree, Standing straight and tall and strong, Always growing. I want my faith to be like a fire,
Lighting  struck and thunder crashed And the wind howled at the sight. The rain pounded the earth,
Love.  It comes in many forms. The love a parent has for their child. Instant. The love a dog has for its master. Unconditional. The love a sibling has for another. Growing.
Rusted chains cling to their hearts,  Darkness consumes them -- Children of Darkness?  Or are they Children born in Darkness?--   They cannot hear faith told,  For their ears are bound. 
What is my college education for 
Unspoken words are grotesque                                                                                  
Religion is more powerful than your government’s atomic bombs.   Mamas and papas drag their kids behind them down the rows of pews worn by years of futile prayers.  
Believed in what is not true, Faith is what it is, or is it? False is what I break, Truth is what I make, or do I? Destroy what I need, Create what I want, or do I?
They say the best writers write what they know, But lately I’ve been losing my mental going off my rocker all existential. I’ve been going off on points of tangency trying to crack the code that’s right in front of me.  
The heart is a lonely hunter
Who knew crossing a line could make such a change?
What is there to be said When all the pictures have been painted, when wordsmiths more skilled have woven better phrases Who am I, who am I?Sometimes overcome by Christ's curious effect upon the soul;
From today's family, mine is different  And I think that is quite funny  So many families lack unity  But my family stands strong with faith  and we find comfort in our Father   
I believe everything happens for a reason And you never know what that reason is Until it hits you unexpectedly
My father who has given me eternal life. My Lord who always finds in his heart to forgive. My God who is there for me, Eventhough, I am constantly not there for him.  
I know my value.I know my worthand some of you just aren't worth my time.
Oh how I wish I could change the past.  the mistakes I've made Are too numerous to count.  I have failed too many times.  I have disappointed others, And I have disappointed myself.   
I am silent I am mysterious Sometimes you can't even find me, but when you do I scare you! You try to get rid of me and sometimes I fade away But what's gone at this time can always come another day
The depth of his words were as thin as a grain of sand,
Through high and low Through chaos and darkness Through the depths below and when you've tried your hardest   Be still and know   All the days seem long And the hurt runs deep
It's time to let go and let God, literally you're blind without faith cause it's the source in which you see, it leads your intuition and utilizes ambition, faith creates an image so we can imitate Jesus,
****I am not bashing other religions but rather providing my reasoning behind choosing the Christian faith.  I respect all religions and faiths and believe that everyone should believe in something. This is why I believe in Jesus Christ.
They say everyone has a testimony, and a story that will break your heart. My little sister had cancer. Her hair would fall out and she was weak, so fragile that it was hard for her to walk. I couldn't understand at first why God had chosen her.
I try but the words don't come For once, I'm rendered speechless
  Your touch. Your smile. Your voice. The beauty you allowed me to see. Moments of laughter and words of wisdom ; I will always cherish.
"Why must love feel like a heart attack"?Some may sayCausing our hearts to sputter one final beatThump, thump, shhDifferent types of love lause different types
  Dark laughs at the fight
All i want to do is sleep. But I can't count them sheep. Thinking about the Shepard,
I am holding a bladeUp to my wrist In the knife all I see is lies upon liesBut then I see youAnd your little blue eyesYou say put the kinfe down AuntieOr I will crySo I put down the kinfe
Who told us that life would be so hard Our past haunting us, The future looming ahead, We struggle to enjoy and succeed in the present. I have given up the hope for my life to be perfect
Silent Thoughts Thoughts, That’s all they are That’s all I make. Will they ever be any more? Will they ever be any less?
Listen, sister, for this talk unsettles me. Stop here. Because You are not the sum of things you have made. You are not the sum of others' judgements, opinions - no.
I need a job that could change whole life And maybe then will shit start going right I wouldn't have to be worried about my moms Or my sisters and brothers crying about the lights going off The water and the cable
I want to go into business and economyMake some money and change the way people thought of meI'm tired of people thinking I can't do it like I'm just an act of comedy
Left and right I see a place to fall, holding tight I suffer through it all. God grant me courage, God grant me wisdom. To break this world's mighty wall, I'll come running when you call.
They said it’d be a change And it wouldn’t be easy; Living a life like this Isn’t a joyride. I didn’t expect it to be But I also thought I was stronger than this.  
Last year held challenges, Some that terrified me, some that didn’t. All were conquerable With the right mindset. I made my plans, I planted my heart Firmly, steadfastly into them.  
The Dream  Starts with college and hard work Thats the opurtunity to make millions  My paths not cut in clear yet but I know I'm on my way Because greatness is a mind set and that's all you
Society seems in a mess Mothers cry, while Fathers stress to be polite is a disgrace as children mock you to your face   drugs and sex aren't hard to find it seems as if the worlds gone blind
i looked for Him in the silver strands braided in my grandmothers hair. i looked for Him in the brown crunchy leaves on the ground in the fall. i looked for Him
The layered glory and weakness, The wounded and the broken, Finally receive good news. Some of the lost have been found. Some of the dying have been saved. Some of the bad have been beaten.
God, I just want to know your plan. I want to be able to count the number of setbacks I will have on my fingers. I want to know if my heart will still have to endure more pain. I want to know if I'll get divorced too.
I know that I am not alone I know that I am loved  So ask me what my faith is Ask me how I know   Or tell me that this science thing  Has put me in a hole You will tell me that religion
That moment when we are at our necks
  Watch What I Become             Smile with relish             Together we still are             Mountains tower between us
God teaches us love, Compassion, Grace, Honesty, Patience, God shows us love, That we are all treasures, That we are worth sacrifices, That we are all perfect in His eyes,
A Gift of Faith A cry, a tear, a whisper in ones ear. Can one only imagine the emptiness without the faith that fills inside?
I'm weak in the flesh.Though my spirit is so willing Jesus!Sanctify me, this total depravity.
July 7 1944 My dear beloved child,  I take with me your last image. "Make her be quiet! She's mad! Shut her up!"                   Her little boy stroked her hand.
  Why do you judge me like you know me? What did I ever do to you? I just don’t understand How the people around me have gone so mad.   I did nothing to deserve your hate.
Those long nights You believed would never end, Filled with tears and fright That push you from the mend, Will one day join together By the hand of God on high, And become a feather,
These big and strong trees Have a great tunnel like view with their evergreen leaves
Eyes closed, mind focused, heart open. Her hand trembles in mine, gently. Hundreds of voices shouting, whispering, mumbling, Cries of help and gratitude to the man above. She sobs, unable to catch a breath,
At the top of the ladder is your goal. Each of the ladder's poles represents Your steps and efforts to get closer to that. And your soul plays a major part in your pace.
Peer pressure is crazy! But only I control me! So you can’t make me see, anything I didn’t already see. You say “Go ‘head, try it! It’s not gone hurt!” But I’ll be the judge of that when you’re six feet in the dirt.
Little girl,
If I could change one thing about the world, I'd change the way it's ran. It'd be a place where people weren't afraid to take a stand. In the world we live in now, there's a unanomous point of view.
clickclickclickclick goes the key board as i sip my morning tea. Spiling, gushing ,spewng my deepest trauma and heatache. My therapy, your guilty pleasure. The best job, if you ask me, is that of a writer.
Daddy, you are my heart and soul and I the same to you, When I hear "I love you" I say "I love you too". The day my life changed forever, was the day you were diagnosed. I love everyone in my life,
I don't know if
I had a dream in the past before, a woman so perfect who made my heart roar, her voice echoed through each waking moment, I would feel her touch when my body jolted.
My mother of Resolution A mother of hope A listener of wisdom My detective of crime Understanding of all imperfections   Loving, caring, compassionate
Never Forget   You Stained by bloody waters A past haunts your present being I see the pain in your eyes The beauty of humanity   Rests under your soul
Struggling constantly Through this relentless fight This battle won't kill me I will climb past this height   I'm scared of the outcome I fight to overcome it My heart beats like a drum
    Ever since I was young, I was told to behave. 
Hollow Ghost of Red Heart             Ominous with frantic rage             Yet vindictive under the Vail             Luminous as starlight nights
Breathing Just Fine             Held under water             Gazing upon him             We fight for a way out             The sea blue runs black            
I once was A girl caged in lonliness; living nightmare The devil on my back Crawled in my head
Homeless individuals sleep with dreams of what they used to be Now they have moved on leaving the new generation drowning sea to sea No education, no temptation, to get a dream fulfilled
The time has come, my choice is made This life is cruel and humanity has no hope
Dreamer, I am a scatter brained, introverted, unstable dreamer. My hope is rooted in my faith, my faith is in these cereberal illusions that cause denial and confusion.
I want a partner that is so rooted in the bossom of GOD; A partner that is in LOVE with GOD Who places GODs Desire infront of their own fleshly desires...  
The Inhibition of my mind & Body... And I think my heart
A woman who is voluminously thick with all the
"Mommy, can I be skinny like those girls on T.V?" I hear these words and put my head in shame. "Mommy, can we go to McDonalds today?"  I hear this constantly and feel the same.
Falling for someone is exactly that,
What to say to the ones who feel small,the ones who are hungry,the ones who have no home, whose everyday battles without an end,those who are lost wishing to be found again, for those who suffer,the ones filled with fright,those who pray to liv
I am the strange man. The man that is a boy. The boy that is a man. I play words as a decoy, I refuse to write and wrong with the same hands. So I try to write as well as I can.
Our lives are such a mess
I try to find myself, but I've been lost for forever. It's like I'm going in a circle so you'd think I'd know better. I'm somewhat lost in a trance,  I can't find myself. Took 34 pills disregarding my own health.
The light flashes. Blinks, constantly, in the dark room.
Darkness fell with innocence in tow The serene sky marred by gunshot smoke Signed by Death’s fiery signature And crossed with wails that frayed stable ground.
  Although life isn’t perfect Battles 
Little Things by Dillon D. Our selfish desires can blind us when they become our god. They make us forget all of our blessings. Be thankful of the little things. A roof over your head,
A society that tells the younger generation YOLO Live for today, dont worry about tomorrow YOLO Live on the Edge YOLO But WE are not called to live for OURSELVES YOLO
What do you do when someone is hurting, And you try your best to help, but nothing is working. When you love your best friend, and you hate to see her crying, But even when you make her smile, you know inside she's dying.
What happens when God himself falls from heaven? When the heavenly grace is stripped?
Since being a young boy in the hood My life has never been good Gunshots at night and standing under streetlights I told my self I shall rise If I put in hard work there should be a prize
Since being a young boy in the hood My life has never been good Gunshots at night and standing under streets lights I told my self I shall rise If i put in hard work there should be a prize
When all you have left, Is faith What is left, When all faith is lost?
A crickety seasaw with an invisible old man on the other end.  You go up and down, sometimes close to falling, but you hold on, nonetheless.
The taste of blood on her lips, She opens them. It drips, On the floor, She lays, A dark pool in the midst of a glittering forest, She wipes away the red metal. Eyes open. Searching.
So as I type what I did last night don't judge me Don't judge me because everyone sin and nobody’s perfect Talking about sin... that's what i committed
I do believe in one God, but sometimes I have my doubts.I do believe in prayer, but it does not have to be said aloud.I do believe in going to Mass, but why particularly on Sundays?
Across from the ocean, I sit on the beach, I'm lost in tranquility, As my soul tries to breathe.   White clouds moving slowly, The breeze calm and still, I'm caught in the moment,
Crying to You was not what I wanted to do For You to see me laying on the ground face down caused sweet shame so I refrained
God has silver hair.
Who He Is, Can't Be Explained He Is Called Many Names He Has Given Many The Strength They Need To Proceed,
Adversity what does that word even mean Does anyone know? I think the last man to feel it
Denying your presence is known todayYour blood and body keeping us goingSeems people are praising every SundayAlthough looks like thoughts haven't been flowing
"No dream is too big, no effort is too small. My dream is to make a change. My dream is to change it all.   We spend too much time handling mistakes and crimes,
The thoughts I have here,Will never be found anywhere else.The feelings I have here,I'll never feel anywhere else.The love I have here,I'll never have anywhere else.
Oh Hollywood, oh Hollywood How I long for thee If I could go to film school for free, A happy flimmaker I would be   But I have no money So I must save In order to pave
  Our hands will never break apart
Here i am
Where am I going?  To the unknown, far but close. Scary yet wonderful. Where am I going?  Who knows? Do you? At times I may think to know where. At other times I may feel lost.
Where am I going?  To the unknown, far but close. Scary yet wonderful. Where am I going?  Who knows? Do you? At times I may think to know where. At other times I may feel lost.
Searching for something to hold on to, can't find nothing to grasp
People give it their all, and its sad when its not enough
                                                                                                                                                                                I always wonder if God listens,
You sing him hymns, hoping he'd see you through. You tell me his words cannot be fathomed. But what if they were never true?
Where is Waldo?Well he's somewhere I knowPlaying some kind of gameMaybe its Tic-Tac-Toe?Where is your wallet?Well I'm not sure butI'm sure that if you really lookedYou saw itWhere is God?
Welcome to the Mourners' Bench Where I can not say no A place for all the burdened minds
I look up to find a moment of truth so real and divine
In Jesus, there is joy.
Depression isn’t a sickness you can cure with medication.
What do you do when there are no words to expressall the thoughts you've barely fathomed into a conscious
You can damn my God, You can wish me to Hell, But what's it to you? Just a barren prision cell? I'd take that instead, I swear I would, Is there a nail in your hand? Are you mounted on wood?
Eternity... Eternity, means forever forever greatful will I be greatful I am for this life given this life given is one that has been borrowed borrowed from your radient golden rays of sunshine  
You can feel your heart explode All the pain Running through your vains How could love hurt so much? How could your life change with just one touch? All the lies you told Made me so cold
Dreams are not what they used to be
I'm sitting and I'm waiting  I'm just waiting  and there are people around me  whispering amongst themselves  as if everything is okay.    I cannot figure out  why they are here 
Through my darkest hours, you are there to rescue me.
  From Genesis to Revelation He’s held me at high elevation.   From listening to the Word and going to church I’ve read my Bible and did my research.  
  God is my strength to him I belong. He will never leave me nor forsake me, Therefore I will never be alone.   He will always be there, just call on his name
blurred we were beautiful each and every one fading fast as ephemeral flowers
I belive in angles, in love at first sight. I belive in dreams and nightmares. I belive that giving up is the easy way that's why we must never give up. I belive in God, he's the only one who loves us more than anything.
Confusion.   Confusion between my legs      that goes against what God says Feeling wrong but feels so right, It sometimes disturbs my dreams at night That tingling sensation, I feel it in my core
Heavy fog on rainy days
  Twirling beacons glow warm in winter’s night   Bright white souls swiftly growing old   Sunlit sidewalks fill with chalk   Rain, feather dust and flies   A sloping sleeping heat
In the silent waves she saw herself, Lost and confused, she cried for help. Through the screams and moans that came tumbling out, The distorted images that filled her with doubt. No longer could she stand alone,
  Tiptoeing past my shame, Where once again, I start to question if I’m worthy To eat that extra slice, To role the dice To tell me if I’d ever pull off “curvy.”   Smiles watch me now;
  We are ever-changing, Constantly running through a cycle, Sometimes in circles like a unicycle. We are the washer and dryers of life, Rolling onto our second load.  
He feels all our pains Which run through the veins Of everyone.
The scarf that rests upon my head In Arabic, "Hijab" May seem to some a fearful threat Mysterious to some.   The names, the teasing. Whispering. The silence of my tongue replies
I Gotta Real Good Feeling That Its Time For Some Healing The Healing Of Your Heart If You’re Really Willing No Time For Games Just Let It All Out
I Really Thought It Was All Over & Time Once Again For My Heart To Take Cover Even Tho My Happiness Seems To Come & Go The Love Always Seems To Linger On
The sun smiled down upon the summer trees That waved back with delighted desire. Yet it shown not where she stood amongst herself, Afraid to touch the face of death.
You have to be willing to try, try again Your mind set should be, "Yes, yes I can!" Do not let fear strike in your heart, Worrying and fear will tear you apart. Don't let the little things get you down,
The ship sat anchored to the shore The captain, skipper, and crew working at her core Sails being raised and decks being scrubbed
Dear Mom and Dad, how are things with you? Has everything been alright?  Did everyone sleep tight? Me in a shell, to tell you the truth, I can't complain, it'd make things worse.  Am I under a curse?
Once there was man who loved me and who loved you. Because of this love this he did what the Lord called him to do.
I know I'm young like all of you, but I've been through a lot.
Dear Lord, And then the thought vanishes Like ink words never written on a page. The words that fall like glistening coins from my lips Lack backing in a truer currency.
I remember the first house I lived in. It was white with green shutters and chipped paint. The door was an off purple that, from a distance, appeared to be forest green, but, up close, was actually blue.
I am a whirlwind I cannot choose the place to go
All day long, I think about your class,
Belladonna     A beauty that illuminates such carnation hue   You defiled me with your sinful pleasure  
We're often exposed to music  We're often exposed to violence What you don't really hear of is becoming greater than yourself. You can achieve greatness, you can achieve more.
ACCEPTANCE© Glenn Johnson   Today longing burst into the blooming of acceptance.                                For how many eons . . . into how many worlds 
Faith: one motive, a solitary pebble, minuscule in size, enormous in spirit, burning the demon’s evil plot; where disloyalty to self’s morals crumbles like the Twin Towers, the disrupted chariot as horses
I will speak of truth, Diminishing the amount of lies that continue to consume our world. I will forgive and forget, Understanding that my own mistakes are equally corruptive. I will never give up,
I allowed them to leave their misery between my vertebrates, attach their lust on the wailing wall of my body Hide their redemption between my hips
The clang of a single coin in an empty tin Alerts the man to sadly look down.   He fishes out the nickel Holding it up to the light Dreaming of what it must feel like
Isolated from your peers, alone and rejected, different from the others, you feel diseased, infected.    it's impossible to change everyone,  difficult to get it through their heads,
The moon is my Goddess, for she creates the waves, and the songs that lull me to sleep. The Goddess is my moon, the Goddess is my earth, the Goddess grants me her boon, the Goddess guides me to her hearth,
You see a homeless man Standing on the corner of the road. You see vehicles Passing by him. You see women and children Scurrying to the opposite side of him. You see the world
Your out of line And God said to get out of line.   Are you too blind? You are no longer bound Bound by material things!   Yet tears come to your eyes, Cause your soul is dyed.
I heard stories from my aunt, who was a nurse. In a hospital. A baby nurse. I wanted to be a baby nurse. I wanted to hold the preemies, Feed them their tiny bottles. I wanted to wear blue scrubs like her
What is faith to me? I need your guidance right now. To make the right choice.   Depression takes hold. Choices mold on my future. Guide me the right way.   Stop my actions now.
It's called don't hate Everyone is Equal Respect is what's cool
She means more to me than what you will ever mean. We walk down the street hand in hand, Yes heads turn and a few comments are heard. Do they matter?  Does it bother us? Is it okay?
Drip-drop, drip-drop My head throbs to the rhythm of the moist cave Sinking lower into loneliness, World pushing through my blockade. Jehovah- Rapha  
So I fill up my glassThe minute you past meI knew we would make historyBut the future is a mystery
Through halls painted white, I walk to my class. With courage and pride, I look through the glass. Though scared I am of another new school, I will do my best to not be the fool.
Now I could just leave you out of the listthat I madeof princessesOr decide to giveyour princess to youas an ironic thinglike saying,here ‘princess’you self-righteous brat
Is my heart perfect towards thee Is my soul longing for thee My prayer for the day But not a perfection Lord that makes me you A perfect heart and soul  Perfection in the since of sincerity
  It started very unexpectedly A quake that hit Japan at two forty-three At first the earth began to moan and grumble And then the Rising Sun sank and crumbled   The buildings were like jelly in a bowl
When I was young I had a special friend And right from the start I knew he'd be there thill the end.   We didn't need to talk He knew my every thought Sometimes I ignored him,
The world turns dark, the lights go out And in my mind there is not a single doubt They  can’t see what I am going through They can’t see how much I need You The match in my heart is slowing burning out
For it is not I that speaks of love, It is not I that vocalizes the words in a praise or hums to a song. The creation of this earth was not by my hands or the living creatures scattered on this planet.
  Telling the untold story of my childhoodRewinding the despicable memories that withdraws me from fully happinessTo me when I was a little girlpeace meant warand joy meant agony, because it came with sacrifices Rewind.......... Back to the time w
Accusations to self-realizations do wither convictions of mine I doubt my motives, facades, my devotions, my own I can't seem to find Oh deep inside of me there is an uncertainty that I must grip
I feel the gazes All the sages in the world couldn't take away the problems The lie they tell Is only a part of the pie they say sell When we all fell We were told that it was what we were all sold into
God? God?! Can you hear me? I scream your name every day. I patiently wait for an answer, but I never receive one. I want to her you speak to me.
I believe in the power of grace, The strength that lies within us, The act of forgiveness which can repair hearts and end wars, The power of love that dwells within a family,
Force fed faith, She refused to swallow. Knowing not to bite The hand that feeds her, But she still snaps. Her only way out.
I’m slipping You see, some days I wake Not fully realizing the opportunity I have to cease the day And instead of treasuring such beauty I become distracted by the essence of myself
A beautiful creation we look at every day, A beautiful we must say. You created the stars, the heavens, the skies You hear all of our painful cries. We don’t know all you have done,
P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } Have you heard the motto, "Keep calm, Carry on"? Yet, people still fret ~~ Staying Panics Pawn.   I try to keep Calm, For every situation ~~
Little girl don't be so blue. I know what you're going through. Going through alot of stress and you think the whole world is against you. But that's not true. You're going through a storm,
forget, to, take a, shower10 feet under, love -perfect scars for hiding in.the waterfall cascadesthe barrel breaksunder pressurelegs, muscle strainedarms, finger holding on for dear.Life
  We are like one crayon, in a box full of crayons. There are bright ones and dark ones, sharp ones and dull ones.   Sometimes we get lost and unused. We feel dark and dull and without hope.
Our faith is our sail Intuition the wind The life we've built for ourselves is the hull beneath our feet The world may get rough at times The seas shaky and the winds turbulent
The ground beneath my feet Tremors with Soul and rational Choking forth a dissonant harmony
A seed is cast into the wind, And the process of a destined love begins. Though it may encounter much vexation, And endure both trial and tribulation, A lucky few in the faithful spot land,
I once met love at the front door! And, when I glaced it's direction Love, beautifully, smiled back at me. That was love. My first sight! I became instantly drawn to love.
       I'm lost in these rivers of peace, Hope swelling and gushing through every pore within me, Love dragging me down in the currents. When His grace oh the unfailing grace sends me drifting up to the shore, And who awaits me there?
I wonder when will my light glow brighter than our sun. Am I just a star? already shining bright but oh so far.Moving ever so quickly and changing ever so slowly
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I'm subject to my opinions      my views      my decisions But within the chipped paint walls I'm not. Within these rooms majority rules.
  If I wanted to die I would have swam the depths of your touch And if I wanted to hurt I would have broken to the sound of my own cry But with you there and I’m so far away, There is nothing left for me to deny.
  As the rain comes pouring I realize what has been left behind A picture of me with a sparkle in my eye Dreams come and go But this nightmare stays alive
 She grows in a special pot.Made of wires and fear.Commonly broken and torn through.But always put back in her place.She's cared for and dusted,Her eyes behind the glass box,Sees a world she can never touch,And a world that will never touch her.Sh
The dark one tells me I deserve this pain.I desire punishment, for it is just.
A heart pure and strong A mind so quick and clever A voice that can reach out A world to be made better
My faith has been tested My love has been stretched I've learned so much But am blind to the rest My mind has been trained My heart has been weighed I've lost so much But my hope has remained
I used to believe in 11:11 wishes,  Used to dream of midnight kisses,  I believed in these things and much more,  But all that was in a time long, long, before,  Before the boy ripped at my chest, 
All the radiation, chemo, and every pill,  Through your smile shined such strong will.  It gets harder to breathe every breath of air. You skin goes pale, and slowly starting to lose your hair.
  How come we can't belive nor will we receive the golden medal of grace? Is it because we can't pin point a gift or talent, or we've ran astray? Or maybe it's because we can't
How come we can't belive nor will we receive the golden medal of grace? Is it because we can't pin point a gift or talent, or we've ran astray? Or maybe it's because we can't
I knew that I loved God and I thought this was enough I lead retreat, I said my prayers I clung to him when times got tough so now you say I'm wrong in believing what I do
I dream of magic and dragons and fairy tales, where there are women in vintage long dresses and men in chainmails. The fairies are dancing in the moonlight, and pixies are hiding just out of your sight.
For warmth once more Swim to the core For heart and soul Sit under Siberian Ice
DARKNESS fills my sould. HATRED fills my thoughts. The LIGHT is too far. I will NEVER see it again. Fuzzy...different...this is quite serene. I now realize what those words mean. HOPE is written out. LOVE is within this text. I FEEL it.
We all must face At some point in our lives An insurmountable force Impossible to push aside. Something That challenges our strength Our character  And our pride.  
Wide sky Hanging like a dome Over mountains and valleys alike   Palm lined avenues Wave in the breeze Between homes of the rich and poor alike   Sol, the sun
  No Room
This fog gives me a sweet sense of what is to come, While the sun is hiding, ready to take its course. I am ready, for my story has just begun.
 I want to sleep...I really do. He's calling just beyond the avenue. Tight curb, love in the low life suburbs. Patiently waiting for me.Sich schminken to hide a brutally gentle tide.
I am not who you say I am. I am who, I am, says I am. You say you know me, but in reality you don’t even know yourself. So wrapped up in that bottle, you forgot to ask for Jesus help.
Can you take the raindrops from my brain? They blurred my vision and the path to admission. Can you take the raindrops from my brain? They hurt my ambitions on completing the mission.  
Our World... Rapacity! Where Men usurp the youth. Men who manifest greed, lust, power Illimiuniting Freud's Id through actions Alas! The youth replicate their Teachers. Cloned as the Men
Willingly time is not ending, Separated are the hallow gaps of evergreen trees, A thin line of mutual grace, at the face of an abandoned cliff. Stands the breath of a lone wolf, calling to the premature night sky, 
Life is a perpetual cold. It is said to cure it "Do what you're told. Don't stray from the norm, or life will suck." But I am not a sitting duck. The status quo is getting old,
"You make me feel, You make me feel, You make me feel.."Perfect.And if I'm perfectly honest I can't help it.All my attempts at being disaffectedAre utterly demolished,When faced with your affection.
From the moment I first heard her heartbeat; that I felt her move.   From the moment I first saw her; my Darling’s eyes so blue.   How anxious I was to hold her; embracing my joyous fate.
 Sometimes....Sometimes it feels like I'm all alone. Alone on a earth, filled with beings that have no human soul I feel like I'm alone with no being to relate to. I know its not true
Would you wake a lion in it's slumber?      If you stir the soup before all of its needed ingrediants are put in; the soup would tast awful. "...Do not stir up nor awake love before it's own time" -Song of Solomon 8:4
It's something that science is yet to fully explain. It's something that humans are yet to fully understand. It's something that we are born with and it lives with us in the world alongside its counterpart. Love is a mystery.
My flesh, it aches; it burnsMy calloused bare feet are scorched by the rugged earthI am wandering and I don't know where
Trapped up in emotions will she ever get out? Living without fear but still facing doubt. So many things in this world she would love to obtain, going  through so many phases but still trying to remain sane.
Shadows eclipse my weary soulBattle wounds can take its tollWhy am I to be this way?To make that choice this very dayThoughts driven by doubt revolveFears dimmed by peace disolve
  My Love,   You are my heart, my joy, and my bride. For you, I took the nails and the wound in my side. For you, I was beaten beyond recognition. For you, I lived knowing I’d endure crucifixion.
I want to go into the field of nursing Since nurses make people feel better, And that's what  I enjoy doing. I want to give people a second chance, And to give them some hope when there's none.
For powerFor lustFor selfForsakenForgotFor peaceFor loveFor othersForgivenFortuneForever
       He rose again, to raise me up.His light was sufficient;His source was illuminated.          Spectrums exposed in between tree leavesFocusing on every point of the Earth;Every being, every chloroplast, every poreSoaked up His life.        Th
Poetry is hope It means you don’t have to be alone Even when you are   It’s the light breaking through Darkness swirling, spreading, growing   Poetry is beauty
They're finding their way closer.   Within this thick underbrush,   I cannot find comfort.   Delirium driving me insane,   I am the only to blame.   All I can do is wander,
When you see light breaking through the trees; When you see hope among the distance leaves; When you see a smile that never fades; When you see stars in the darkest shades;
  I don’t write for myself I don’t often write poetry Words are use to express emotions But what happens when the words don’t come?   God. He sends a message, a plea, a vision.
So I keep pushing through..a door with the words "trials and tribulations" written across to let me in on the other side. I wont back down so I keep pushing through. Graduation is now over. Time to get ready for college.
33 pieces of life journey,begged by the rich man,strangers called,mother and vinegar,morning was to come,many appeared to believe the holy city,watching the great stone to the door,
  When I was younger I would sit in the back of the classroom without saying a single word My teacher would always call on me
i am a selfish being, with words that amount to nothing but between the lines you will find i am a crack within the human race.and for so long i begged for you to speak loud enough to hear.
Momma, don't you feel the water? The water that drips all day? Momma, it pours harder, It will not go away, I haven't read the Bible, Don't recall the date, But it's when I was stronger,
He calls them all Into The Throne Room The Breezes, the Winds, the Whirlwinds Ready they come He tells them His plans Sends them off   The Freezing Breeze
I have Faith. In everything I do. I believe I will win. And guess what, I lose.   I have Faith. Tomorrow will be better. The sun will shine brighter. Still, the next day
Drowning in dissassembled faith literary clemency All I am rekindled  
She's beautiful.She drinks, smokes and parties all night every time she can,No one has truthfully told her she's beautiful, She thinks she's not worth it, 
  Watch the rain drizzle downIt threatens to ne'er endBut all wounds someday healAnd wings will always mend
So many struggle to find reason for their lives So many struggle to go on So many struggle Yet so many miss on the simplest joys in life So many regret their past sins So many live in their failures
A blue and grey feather Floating down the stream Lying on its back Head towards the sky.   A boy, just a few yards beyond Sits by the flowing current, slow Letting out the tears
 Love is such a simple word, Made of fragile truth, Often just a careless word, Monopolized by youth. As the passion burns within, It's time to take a stand, And add more meaning to the lives, Of every open hand.
                                 My creative it's not so good but I never give up I always I always I always do my brst always putting do my best foot forward I try hard and fall hard but my creative is to make me stronger even if no one else as t
There came a time In the month of enriched Ebony Skin I was called to right A poem Not knowing this journey That lied within I took the time to become Entwined with the words in my mind
The algae, the moss, and the mud. While they could never understand the chemical reactions going on inside our heads, They remain ever accepting of our presence.
(poems go here) Why I write… I write to get my feeling out So that when people read my poems They’ll say,
Set a melody in my heart To sing only for You Let the harmonies of all nations arise Just for You, Lord. He who holds the universe in its place Holds my heart tonight. He who makes the heart beat
The kindness in the smile of a little girl. Fearless and free...the world not yet clawing away her freedom to love, sees through eyes as clear as the sea with an embrace as warm as the sun.
What do I stand for? I dont know anymore. I used to stand for family. but It fell before me. then I stood for hope. Yeah, that was a joke. Next came my parents happiness. That was my weakness.
Should I write you letters, or a post card maybe.. Do you even listen to me, or do you choose to make me wait? Dear God, are you listening? I can hear it's heartbeat, can you hear mine too?
  A single drop of water Soon became a stream I closed my eyes to stop the flow Was harder than it seemed   The stream kept going on its way Continuous it flowed
Crawling in her crib, she was the main topic of discussion. Would she look the other way and pray to God; tell her father that she loved him?
I rise and so I stand. I stand, because I can. breath of life in the morning I awake. as the wind blows I smile, in which, It comforts my mistakes. lessons to be learned, always enough to be taught,
So let me tell you, it started with this girl, you already heard alll the shawty stories but yo son let me tell you about this one girl. Shawty tall like model, didnt know why she aint go on ANTM
A girl to begin my poetry, a girl to hold my heart, a girl to talk with me,  and never be apart. She inspires the words,  she creates the lines, if it not for her, I would have never shined.
In a dream that seemed distant my soul still recalls when my heart still remembers that love struck fall When your eyes glowed through me like a summers night dream your scent is gone now
Take me to the open road A place where possibilities are endless Where times will be blissful and free And where times will be hard and troublesome Take me to the open road Where I will make it to my destination
Love, What Is It? What Should Be A Simple Question? But Yet Is Asked By Many Do You Have To First Lust To Love If You Ask Me You'll Receive A Shrug Said Often Only Out Of Curiosity
Feeling ashamed of what i have become Not wanting to look back to my past running away from the only light there is stuck in darkness and not wanting to get out finding a savior is my only option
Creator of Waterfalls   I look up slowly to capture in my vision the full splendor of the Bright and powerful cascade.
With dirty hands and a torn up heart I kneel, waiting for good-bye Instead, I see tears in Your eyes, And welcoming, outstretched arms. I hear Your cries, "Come back to me my child, "My Beloved!"
I have been kissed by your grace. Saved by your son, kept by your mercy, inspired by your word.   You are a relentless lord, head strong on holding your children.
I'm lost, I've run around, fallen down I turn to you, when for so long I felt pain You revealed yourself, in my weakest moment You healed me Now I start fresh Guide me I wipe the black from my eyes
Breathing in the fresh salty breeze I'm invincible on that shoreline. The waves come up and brush my bare feet As I run through the wet sand. My body is about to burst, But I never want this moment to end.
My head is spinning, round and round. My legs lose power, I fall to the ground. My scars are burning, brighter and brighter.  My hope is soaring, higher and higher. In my mind, their voices say. 
The types of diversity include race, religion, gender, age, ethic group, cultural, nationality, sexual orientation, social class, geographic region, and physical challenges.  
Things are changing.  It's become hard to maintain,  the connections we once made  to the people we sent are previous years with. We will always remember the way that we felt.
I look out into the world with one swollen eye. Some days I ask myself why haven't I died? The hurt doesn't stop. I'm not in any shock. What a life. I'm all grow up and I am free from your hands. You are not worthy to call yourself a man.
Dear The Ones Who Keep Hurting Me See, what I don’t need you to sit there like you already know me Don’t look me up and down like that right there, that look you just gave me The shit I go through
I yell at you day after day, begging you to take this pain away. I ask you why you have allowed such things to happen to me but all I get in reply is an empty silence and my own sigh. I have been good I say, so why do this to me?
Okay God, what do I do now? I've prayed and rebuked, but the feelings of everything cloud my mind. It's not that I don't try, I won't lie, I do try... But, peace never seems to pass me by.
This is my personal armageddon. My Body grows numb from the constant wreck I've become. Sick and tired of feeling alone. Trapped in a lifeless body with no one to hold. I surrendered to the cold.
Lord, you're with me every step of the way. You call my name and I call You friend. Reach up my hands to You, I give You praise. Every minute. Every second. Of everyday.
          Your existence is the speck of light which illuminates my darkness. I am lost when I can’t see you. My heart craves to be satisfied by the appearance of your face, body and soul. When you are not here, I am in deep despair.
  Life is hard, it is a battlefield. I’ve had cannons balls thrown at me, but I kept going wanting to make my family proud
From the start our love was forbidden. My parents were strict on making you staying hidden. But against all odds we found a way. Our love forever just couldn't stay away.  
Young precious girl, What are you doing? She said: "I'm giving up. Too stressed up, to get lucked up. I'm sick of the society putting me down and my "man" wearing the crown..."   Young precious girl, Where are you going?
Lord, my God  to you I give my wants and needs,  my cares and worries, my thoughts and dreams, my deepest and most passtionate desires.  Lord, to you, I surrender.    Father, Creator of all things
It hadn’t troubled her at first She knew early enough that fairy tales Were for those who could afford to dream them After all she’d been stepping in The shattered remains of her glass slippers
                                                             I know why the caged bird sings To be let free to flap her wings But she knows one day this will be
If faith can move mountains and can calm a sea, imagine what would happen if everybody believed. Faith is a substance of things hoped for, not seen, so don't go looking as if it's an everyday thing.
(poems go here) Lady, you are the Goddess of the Great, But you are also the Goddess of the Small. The infinitesimal gravitational constant, Without the exact value of which The universe could not exist.
Sometimes in life things change We watch what we used to have start to fade Drift back into outer space, like Pluto from its planet name People we used to know go as strangers as we walk by
May the lighters light May your heart love May the sun shine Right above us May your actions be worthy May your hunger be hardy May your drive have engine May your soul have a mission
In a world full of pain and fear she finds peace In a world full of darkness and cold she finds light and warmth In a world full of despair she finds faith   She knows not of the life outside this dark room
When the sky looks haunted and the night reeks of death Where can one turn? Sleepless nights and restless days of doing nothing But feeding my endless craves   Never satiated  
  I was young, and I was Different Even though I was odd, I was also still innocent The agony, the deceit right in front of my eyes Yet I was too blind, maybe even paralyzed
Scared. Have you ever been so scared of losing it (your Gift from God) that you'd never get that lucky break, the prize you'd win if only you could change the stakes erase the fate
In a church, in a house, in a town, in a state We are just visitors no matter how long we stay. And when they start to ask questions, we pull away. We know that they won’t understand us, no matter what they say.
Oh no Who have you encountered?  Who’s done you wrong? Who’s turned your heart so…? I can’t imagine what that feels like, but give me the words and I’ll try
As long as you got breath in those bones, as long as blood runs warm There’s still a chance, a chance to make things right. You don’t have to pull yourself together He holds the glue to put your pieces back  
Everyone, No matter what size, shape, any variation of human, We all hit rock bottom. Some are deeper, some fall harder. The choice is yours; Be the one to immediately grasps at the loose dirt around them,
You got me thinking Of what’s out there and what’s inside You got me thinking Of how we came to be alive You got me thinking Of whether we contain a soul You got me thinking
Hey, I see everyone looking my way. They’re talking about my addiction. Hey, I know what they’re going to say; “It’s all just science fiction.”
NOTE: My poem is in the image. I am traveling somewhere in this poem. If you can't figure it out, the answer will be in small print at the bottom right.  
The devil sits beside me, undresses from his clothes Says he wants to love me, the only love I've ever known. He kisses with his lips, but doesn't mean it in his eyes The only thing he loves
The stockings hang   As He did A tree will rise in lighted splendor     With dozens of round twinkling eyes   All iris- all colors- they hang   Children and all expecting
Bring out the blades, we're ready to go in the night, in the day, in the storm the enemy is all around, his darkness masked as light you'll see him only if you look, just like the Father, bright
"Daddy?" "Yes, Sweetheart" "I love you" I write for the one who gave me brown hair and eyes, For the one who sang me my favorite lullabies. The swing set he built, my rocking horse by hand,
Faith. The only friend that gives you hope when you've just left sorrow and ran into fear. Faith.
My body is weak, my mind is strong determination will peak at the highest throng Pushing and weaving through the crowd praying someone will be kind but everyone is loud with an unsound mind
I was six when mother, golden hair and bright eyes, said Angels were watching over me And that I could do anything and I could be anyone Nothing, no one, would hurt me
Day goes by without knowledge of it Day goes by just living it Day goes by doing what we know and love Day goes by doing what we can to stay who we are
You and I were the best part, of the worst combination. I was the sun, radiant, passionate, fiery, bringing the brightness of a good day to all those that I touch with my glowing beams.
Hell is his empty syringe And the searing pain of his emptiness. Hell is the heat of the absence That grows hotter in his presence. Hell is the tears that evaporate
Why am I me? The air I breathe is so thick at times Days like these I just close my eyes The tears fall at the wrong times When I laugh I wipe my wet skin When I'm sad my skins dry
I cant stand missionaries No let me rephrase that I cant stand the idea of it Cultural oppression at its finest The idea that you are right And therefore everything else is wrong
It started here. I walk through the door. Did you ever glance? You never notice me. I sit next to you. You ignore my presence. Tried to interact. But, you blew me off.
It started here. I walk through the door. Did you ever glance? You never notice me. I sit next to you. You ignore my presence. Tried to interact. But, you blew me off.
As I sit here thinking about the present And the life that was destined, for my future I can't help but think back when....God first called my name I've tried walking that narrow path and it was too much for my lane
God had a plan. From the foundation From the beginning When in his palms He formed a man. And that man Would stand in his image, Every part of him Perfectly fitted.
Here I stand with a poster board in hand. I look at you as you try to avoid me. In your A/C, as you turn the radio up. I'm struggling. I am dying on my knees, when I want to stand on my feet.
I’m walking down, corner to corner and I can’t see Searching around and I don’t know where to be. I see a light and I follow it. I see a light and I follow it. I hear talks and laughter and love.
Initial diagnosis, devastating and extreme, The cancer festering inside Determined to destroy his dream.
Tell them it’s not me. Tell them it’s not me anymore. Tell them I’m not quiet, That I’m not shy, That I’m the one they should adore. Tell them they don’t know.
All is not lost Blossoms bloom through frost. Can’t the impossible be just a myth? Did not David beat Goliath? Everyone faces trials, Fear, doubts, and denials. Grin and bear it.
Give Up - Richard Matthews
Now I can’t quite understand, & I can’t quite comprehend, Why anyone in this world would want to hurt my best friend. He’s my baby brother; he’s only twelve years old. And he’s unlike any other, with his heart of gold.
Is it so hard to believe, For what you cannot see nor hear Is it so hard to believe That you can be touched by a spirit that is not their Is it so hard to believe If you close your eyes
(poems go here) It’s like finding the lyrics to a song It’s got to fit its got to belong You got to do what’s right You got to know what’s wrong In a life like this you got to stay strong
Struggles violently clash against my body, seeping inside, deep into my soul. Causing me to fall into despair.
His love- Never changing, always constant Unending, everlasting Irreplaceable, indispensable Limitless, boundless Incomprehensible, unfathomable Infinite, immeasurable Compassionate, gracious
(Our vision to move forward in our different paths is constantly fogged by doubt and uncertainty often spouted by the voices. The Voices,like the fog, can obstruct the view of our desired path.
Hello my name is Benjamin Like I don’t know what rhymes with Benjamin Or this bed I’m in All I know is how dead I’ve been
Laying in bed thoughts are running through my head. I remember you, I really do I just wish I had one last moment to speak to you. All the times we shared together those memories will stay in my hear forever.
Everyone has dreams. Only few wake up and chase them. The sleep are sheep. who can't release, grips, from the nation. Stricken in poverty. This can't be life, Obviously. GOD didn't put us here
Girl I promise, It's all worth it. This I'm certain. He'll take away you're hurtin' and turn it into a curtain. When pulled back; Shown peace. You don't have to struggle, Don't make him a puzzle.
It's not a hollywood movie I can feel you when you come close It's not like a book where I only go as far as words scripted I hear your heart beat against my chest This is a rush I musn't forget
There is truth to your word, As my walls come down. When you're around Something unpredictable, Something unspeakable Even unexplained. Yet our lips speak of it softly Will the slightest touch burn?
We live in the Middle East, on a wealthy estate, born of the opposite color. We see an enemy, a complete stranger, a brother in a war overseas.
It is best to be a beautiful fool When others are being cruel You should pretend not to see You should never believe The truth behind the lies The truth behind the cries And stay in a fairy tale
Let the walls come crumbling down My heart is open to You My words speak of what to do I'm lost I'm scared I'm broken Give me Your word It'll comfort inside of me Nothing compares to Your love
I will never, never have the chance to become successful according to the eyes of the elders. I will never, never be able to survive in this world simply because the world has no place for someone like me.
They scatter stars And take all light from laughter. Across the skies they turn summer's soft blues Into stormy grays. They delight in All that is tainted with sin.
To strangers I am one, Who is quiet and withdrawn, And only to the ones I love, I open up.
God, what I really need to confess is this... It's all the things that I have planned that I can't afford to miss When times get hard and days are rough I must confess, sometimes you aren't enough.
Even when you feel weak, to me you are strong To lay next to anyone else and breathe in their air Would feel asphyxiatingly wrong
Like a touch upon the heart He touched my hand. A feather, caressing my pain within. I fell apart.. I fell, melting through the tiniest all seams. Like that feather knew
I fall for you like shooting stars As you become my night sky I rise for you like the golden sun For you are the horizon in which I rise I fly free Because you are everything around me
She's waiting by the door Sixteen passed she very blue no one understands what she is going through
I’ll never be able to comprehend that mind of yours. How easily your hands are able to create a world of unopened doors. Your mind it twists and turns into the surreal thoughts and images it produces.
They are the only people who will love you unconditionally. Even when you don't particularly like yourself. They are the only people you can truly trust. People that you can put your faith into.
My Christ, lord and savior, reign down on me. I just wish everyone could see ya! And the truth to be seen! How can I show my God, when all i do is sin. Ball my life up in a wad,
Don’t quit on me. I won’t quit on you. Go ahead, walk away my words hold true. You may not understand that, just how you feel… I’ve felt it before. Pain is just as real. Hope is never gone,
Save me, Lord. You're the only one able. My faith seems to be dying. My Bible gathers dust. My list of trespasses grows alarmingly. My relationships are imploding. You're all I have left.
It is hunting season and I must be the deer My huntsmen finds me and shoots without fear It hits but does not hurt and I do not die The reason of this I’m not sure why I fall from shock but it’s a soft landing
I feel the cold Bursting through my body The darkness calls my name Urges me to follow the sounds of his voice  His voice is full of temptation He wants me to reject the light And give him my soul
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me God’s love will never end I will honor Him being all I can be
Temptation, created by the one and only…true abomination He used to sit at heaven’s gate, before he betrayed our God and sealed his fate
Forgive me Lord for I have done wrong…You watched, You saw, You knew all along You stayed by my side…even when I tried to hide Now all I can do…is apologize to you and even that won’t make me anew
Deceiver of Men, Conjurer of Fools…I’m not scared of you No evil spirit or demon, for I have the Tools To take on you all…bring it on, for I stand Tall
Imperfection is easy to see, it is in every one of us…including you and me How to be perfect then? It will never happen…not what, not who, not where, not when So you ask why?
People in this world talk bad about others…I hope they realize we all sisters and brothers From our Father up in Heaven is where our words should be
Jesus is my hero, My hope, My Heavenly Father. Jesus is my love, My life, My Living Water. Jesus is my passion, My patience, My Prince of Peace.
Anger, bitterness, and hate That was my lost and given fate, But then you, Lord, stepped in. You forgave all of my sin
I'm scared, Where am I? In darkness, In light, In knowledge, In ignorance, Where have I come from, And where am I going? Confused, I cry out, Who am I, Who am I but his?
These tiding waves will crash and we won’t last. When this storm arrives you will only be; This aching in my heart is only vast. We can fall into this river, but flee?
Who am I? I AM someone who's heart haven't stop beating because of the purpose that hasn't been fulfilled yet. I AM someone who can do all things through Christ who stregthens me, but it's funny how I never understood the real meaning of that.
They call me "Churchy" I believe in God Christians The glorious facade how easy my life must be because when things get tough, I get down on one knee, I have problems like everyone else
Our poor forsaken generation Focus...focus....focus Man if I don't blow this it's like I can't focus Feeling like I'm choking....but I know if I'm not blowing this
You are there for me when I am crying, And in you I console. You support me in my time of need, When I require reassurance. You comfort me in my tragedies, When I can’t find another friend.
You gave me life, my first breath taken was yours first. You loved me before I knew who I was. You watched over me while I slept, Letting peaceful dreams take me to a world not my own.
In some parts of me I hate it; In some parts of me it feels right. But nothing in life is peachy, Nothing in life is gray. Tough decisions and Hard changes. Easy miles, then cruel sprints;
Three years ago I couldn't understand the concept of missing someone because they were always a phone call away. Until I woke up to tears on faces I'd never seen before and my rock crumbled
the scars on my back show the long nights i had to work. the scars on my back show the srtuggles i been through the scars on my back show the pain i indoored when i lost my grandmother
The bedroom is silent and still as shadows tucked away in a blanket, was a small boy his blonde hair painted to the tousled sheets. The only movement that stirred the room was his breath lifting his chest;
I’m in the dark Loneliness trickling over me like dripping pipes Hope has ran away So far away that I cannot breath When I reach out I expect to find nothing but the damp air But instead I feel a hand
There's nothing much I want to say, but I'll pour my heart out to you anyway. All I can think is no more talking. Only out of faith, we gotta keep walking. Never spoke a word to you before now,
She is Precious; That girl who has so much inside her is here She is the one that hides beneath an unseen frame Lord, Lord, you know There is a battle in the heart of that joy It’s almost there, just you wait
Within the embrace of your arms, you lay your head down, You cry out, yet there’s no sound, You search for hope, which you know can only be found from looking up, Yet your eyes cannot leave the ground,
Please excuse my hard exterior For I see you have to chisel slow In order to force through me To form the creation in your mind That you see
Thought I could make it without you Thought I would be ok Going at it alone Started my journey out into the world But things got hard With no friends or family by my side I broke down
My never ending love To stand by the challenges of your life The attachment I give to you The strength I see in you
'dip shits love God'
I come from love and holy words I've memorized many lines I am welcomed by the sound of singing The songs I've grown-up to know
(The video is slightly different that what is written)
I could not imagine life without you; Though I never see you, I know your still there. In my heart I can feel you, My soul aches for your loving care.
Downcast was I, down to my soul for I had failed yet another goal. Cast in front of me, my shadow My eyes do comply Yet they disagree on the reason why. One eye sees dark; the other, the light
We have faith in are heart As the sweet sound it is Just like the stars Please tell me why we cant have faith.? As the world end Just make a little mistake Take upon your love
I've yet mine eyes to see the day That Grace doth fail renew This hollow cup; my truths laid bare, Thine merices, Lord, they see me through.
She wraps her tiny hand around my thumb as tears run down my face. Her green eyes ask so many questions that I just can't answer. Not now.
When I read, their tearful words appear to echo in my mind. When I listen softly, Their desperation clings to my soul. When I ponder, Their fate may rest with my words.
~faith when your friends have walked away and your parents said you can’t stay and your problems don’t seem to fade and your bills are due today and you forget to pray and things don’t go your way
I see you running towards that ball in the fields. I hear your laugh when you fall in that pile of leaves. I think of that day when you won’t need me to fight your battles.
However, I was touch by an angel of strength, I wandered through my emanate life as though My praiseful mother, who placed me above her shoulder, Never taught me more I am her only, there is no other.
(An Ode to my Hijab)
There is a girl. She has the whole world a head of her, watching her every move. Standing alone in front of everyone, Pounding her chest she rips her very own heart out.
This world gives me a feeling of starkness So many places growing with darkness Setting that place on fire Cause Lord need for you is dire It's so dark they're becoming blind
I was once lost, Unnoticed in the crowd, Never knew who I was, But now I am found. I was floating through the days Wondering where I would go, My soul was in a haze But you brought me home.
What will be revealed? What will you convey? Will you proclaim I have followed you and your words, Both by speaking and by action? Will you proclaim I have broken your laws, Used you for self-glory?
November's cold night illuminates my chest. Deep breaths include the faint smell of bbq and secondhand smoke.
He holds my heart within his hands Bending, Molding, all to plan Sometimes it hurts, but he always works. The black is now out of my heart, leaving a hole for a new start I feel all empty, sad and alone
Desires I openly nearly never express
Tackle the dreams of a thousand human beings Gaze upon their souls to serve a meaning Failure is not an option while tormented Road blocks are plowed by the strength of senses
The Sun is our future, The Moon is our Past, The Sky is the Love that never seems to last. The Flowers are our smiles, And the trees, our laughs. But, the cry? The cry is our universal question... Why?
Your love for me is everlasting, second chances only you are casting Seeking for love all I got was lust, as time past my heart will rust Despite my past you are still grasping, unto me while I was still dancing
There is nothing that can keep me from believing There is no one that can change my heart I can say that the Lord is my Savior But are my actions following my words? My heart says I love my Heavenly Father
With a quizzical frown, a child asks me Where is Heaven? To which I instinctively shrug. I often times have wondered the same thing myself.
On my hands and knees I pray For this world to see a new, brighter day. Not with the eyes of humans we should see, But with the eyes of how it was meant to be.
We are the people of this world We are the people of America What are rights? Does rights have a color, a ethnic a gender, a race? NO Rights are something that is given but yet earned.
My God isn't her god, Isn't His God, Isn't your God. My God has a different name, a different form, and claim to fame.
The Ocean pulls it’s body back and forth like my lungs that breathe in life. And my heart that drums it’s final beats. I’m sitting on a bulk of sand from the high tide line.
With a new school year, a new start, but friends depart. And we’ve led our whole lives together, but suddenly we’re taking different paths from each other.
Faith; Such a simple word with much deeper meaning. How can we describe a vast concept with this small word? We are not meaningless, faith shows us that. What happens when the logic takes over,
A book of an aunt Who no longer is here Turn the pages Listen Do you hear them cry? Torn and worn down but still prized most This book that is broken It tells a tale of sleeping beauty and her prince
There is something inside of each of our souls- this desire for the things that will destroy us. We crave to behave in ways that leave scars.
Go, little sheep, from this bare and desolate land. Go from this wicked place with its whips and brands. Go, press onward through the cold gates that bar the way Go, leave this dark world
I wrote this a few years back before my confirmation of my faith. Hope you like it!:
Everyday I used to see you smile, When I would see it, it would warm my heart. But now I only feel the remaining cracks of my heart stabbing my chest. I would trust you. Trust you to no end..
Think I should lay down beside her, but no, not behind her. it might get intense if I decide to fold blind her I mean blind fold her. high thoughts announced sober. I'm saying shawty, my heart's colder
never undermine oneself to make a change always have the ability to trust yourself and know that things will get better to have that power to strive to be the absolute best as long as you don't quit, you will never lose
I questioned my intelligence And life’s depth and relevance Mom should’ve remained celibate Or at least used a contraceptive To give me protection Against my own conception It’s got me mentally arrested
Afraid it will come back Up like a shadow Up like his smoke Rolling in with the tide Even when I hide I'm afraid it will find me I'm afraid I'm still to week to fight Because I remember how
Where is your faith? When is it going to be enough? Are you ever going to put your faith into me Or are you going to continue looking into the world For something that you could always look for in me
Explosions of galaxies fill the night air. Prayers of a hundred hands kneel before the sky. And I'm weary, Lord. I need hope.
A sublime being is watching over me, Calmly offering me peace And in silence giving me relief; Easing the pain, Erasing all fears, Forgoing all doubts And everything that’s drear.
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