Suffering over Faith


Why does suffering exist

If God loves us so much?

Isn't he all-powerful?

Then why can't he

make traffic go faster,

get rid of my flu,

heal my daughter's cancer,

bring back my husband?

Why does suffering exist

If God loves us so much?

Doesn't he love us?

Doesn't he exist?

Why me?

I've suffered enough.

I'll never be happy again. 

Why does suffering exist

If I can do something about it?

Don't I have the Spirit within me?

Then why can't I 

buy the homeless man a lunch,

volunteer for a day,

tell someone I appreciate them, 

visit someone in the hospital?

Oh but I can.

Why does suffering exist

on Earth?

It seems like this pain will last forever.

Let me tell you.

It won't.

Let me tell you.

There's no suffering where I'm going. 

Will I see you there?

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