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****I am not bashing other religions but rather providing my reasoning behind choosing the Christian faith.  I respect all religions and faiths and believe that everyone should believe in something. This is why I believe in Jesus Christ.  Enjoy


They say that I’m brainwashed because I chose Christianity

What they don’t understand is that I chose my faith for me

I sought out God and I decided to believe

And those who seek shall find and those who ask shall receive

So I looked for Christ and sure enough He revealed Himself to me

I know plenty of atheists, agnostics and other forms of unbelief

They challenge me and test me to see if I really know my truth

Trying to see why I believe Christianity is the one way and the others are aloof

Some ask me why I chose Christ and not someone else or not at all

How can I honestly say I’m not brainwashed considering my father’s ministry call?

I was raised in the church all my life

Yet even in all the Sunday School lessons, Wednesday night bible band, and YPWW I still wasn’t completely right.

At fourteen I decided to get serious and give God a chance

And sure even I got caught up in His spirit which knocked me into a blissful trance

However, I am young and the world can be impressionable on a young lady my age

I wanted to me more than just a preacher’s kid so in spiritual wars I engaged

Testing the limits of my mind, body, and soul

Until it became too much

I considered going on a different path besides the way of Christ

I looked into the ways of Siddhartha Gautama otherwise known as the Buddha

I looked into the ways of Muhammad and considered the ways of Islam

Hinduism even looked interesting for a time

Yet no matter how it was explained or how intriguing it rhymed

The absence of Jesus was something I could not deny

I remembered when I asked the Lord to reveal Himself to me

And like clockwork He did and confirmed Himself to thee

However, ministry and witnessing isn’t like an English essay were you dig for specific words to back up your thesis

Trying to find the right set of word to give someone the conclusion that God exists

Especially because witnessing like that could result in a serious miss

You simply share your truth through experience

It’s not always about altar calls and casting out demons

It’s about causing someone to think and seek and wonder about who Christ is

Sometimes subtle ministry is the most powerful kind of spiritual business

Some say “well I need proof that God is real”

Well those who diligently seek Him shall find Him

But if you block your mind, cover your ears, and close your eyes

It’s really hard for God to reveal himself to you

If you’ve willingly buried yourself alive

Christianity is more than just going to church and giving up those worldly vices

It is a relationship and lifestyle that comes with few prices

I would rather work on giving up the things that held me bound to this Earth

Than spend the rest of eternity surrounded by mind numbing pain and hurt

An innocent died for me all for my shame

Paid for a debt that I would never be able to exchange

Teaching me and all that know Him what love truly is

That’s why I believe that Jesus is the way

Because I’ve never heard of any other “god” making a sacrifice as noble as this

Christ is my truth

I still struggle everyday with some of the temptations that come my way

I still grit my teeth and cry some days

Yet God is still faithful even when I stray away

Christianity is my way and my truth

I looked for God and sure enough he showed himself to me

I am sure if you open the doors to your heart, the truth of Christ you too will see





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