The Necromancer

Tue, 07/18/2017 - 23:34 -- Vavina

     Once upon a time, in a concealed land where no man near to wander,

a necromancer who settled in his compact cabin with worn out logs

kept him protected from the outdoors. The man with no name had 

been lonesome for too long to not carry his identity anymore. He decided

one day to summon a masculine figure to be able to communicate with

in order to keep him busy. He would do this to forget the fact how he was exiled

from his hometown for a crime he did not commit. With a sprinkle of dust,

the sparking reflection of the light from the sun rays fall into the pot, and a few pieces of kindling he 

had created a small boy. Not too old, but not too young to keep him company.

The no named necromancer and the small boy whose name was not

determined by the man decided to form a friendship and withhold an

unbreakabke bond that not even the kingdom which exiled him could

weild the power to bend. The necromancer had taught the boy all he knew

until the day he was on his dying bed. The boy who still had no identity 

took the place of his father figure to continue to carry the fire in his heart 

even after his master took his last breath.

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