Feeling Myself

Confidence has never been a feeling explored by me.

Employed by me to heal from the hurt in me, by others, and by me.

Feels good to know that my reflection is a friend to me, no longer my enemy.

Body looking good, dignity intact, heart on the mend, showing myself mercy.  

HE made me, he loves me, and has forgiven me.

My heart, intelligence, inner and outer beauty, a badge on me.

I survived the battle between me and the worse in me.

No longer pushing doors that clearly say PULL, silly me.

Showing mercy and patient with the human in me.

I’m not broken, no need in attempting to fix me.

Blessings in abundance, it’s an honor to be in the company of me.

It’s a privilege for me to share lessons learned the hard way, learn through me.

Feels good to be me, in this moment I know “how to be”, trust me.

I am worthy. I am enough, more than enough for many.

Vision was cloudy, but He removed the shades coloring my life, now I see clearly.

I am a queen, better yet a goddess, nothing will shake the foundation under me.

Self-reliance, bravery, and humility an outfit worn well by me.  

Now shine, the world is mine to apply this wisdom to the journey ahead of me.

Finding comfort in just being myself, no filter, no shades, no party favors, good vibes only.

I’m finally feeling me.


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