A Man Who Loved You


Once there was man who loved me and who loved you.

Because of this love this he did what the Lord called him to do.

He died for me and you.

It’s a cruel Roman tradition, a crucifixion

It’s when man it nailed to a tree

and hung for all men to see

And this is what Jesus did for you and me.

He had his body beaten.

The soldiers hit him with their fist,

They tore his back with a whip,

Shoved a crown of thorns into his head.

And never stopped terrorizing him until he was dead.

And once he beat and bleeding

He was forced to carry his own cross

and march towards his death

He carried the weight of his cross upon his shoulders

All the while soldiers and his people cursed him

The very same people who had not long ago praised him,

Wished for his death.

Yet, the Lord carried his cross with pride,

Knowing deep inside that it had to be done.

Once they reached the top of the hill, the soldiers knew the drill

The shoved nails into his hands and feet

Then raised the cross high for all to see.

Though, in great agony,

Jesus never cried to God for pity.

Instead he asked God to forgive me.

To forgive us all for what we were doing, had done, and still had yet to do.

You see he hung on that cross for me and you.

It was not for anything he had done,

But for everything we had done and will ever do.

For God loved us so much

that he sent his only son to die for us.

Jesus, the son of god, became a man, so that he could become

the final lamb.

The final lamb to be slain for our sins.

And then to, three days later, rise again


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