God, move your people
Move in this place
The Lord's name is powerful
Forever God you reign

You call me courageous
For facing every day
I name you my Father and my King
You know me by breath and by name

Brawling with demons
In the dark parts of my mind
I choke on these serpents
Squeeze my chest shadow a shine

The world sits a weight on my shoulders
Slowly crushing a light
Rays I thought lost long ago
In each failure of a fight

Desperate people stampede onward
My feet stick fast in the dust
Hidden in niches formed by averted eyes
I was lost underfoot to pain and blood


"Look up, my child"

So goes a whisper in the air

So flys a force so deep and wild

I am convicted in a drowning of love
Then the ground shatters falls away

Now I can finally give up

'Cuz the Almighty Creator carries me now

Nothing else matters anymore

Pain pride grief lies

Desire fear reflection in mirror

Family friends money plans

Feeling needed being dominant


No fear in surrender

The Lord is Christ in me

Feel life and purpose within again

And then you set my spirit free


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