Pain (Fiona)

Every night a little girl faces a different battle.

She's questioning her worth and what her family would do without her;

Contemplates to run away but her spirit tells her to stay;

Knowing if she leaves, that life would have its way.

So much to live for, yet she feels hopeless;

Giving all of her, just to keep feeling worthless.

Trying to keep her faith, she cries and forgives; 

 but she never forgets her Pain.

That little girl was me, and she's turning into a beast;

 "I'm ready to be unleashed"

Your mind can be your prison, but don't let it make you weak.

I'm breaking out of my cell because my family still has to eat.

I'm growing over the pain, yet crossing into insane; 

The more I want to fold, God tells me to, 

 "Hold On," and "Be Bold."

But no matter the price, I will pay it all.

My sister in my dreams telling me to Stay Strong.

Hoping and praying that I'm able to live long;

Even though I know life is too short for my number of dreams- 

Only option left for me is to...

 Out live this Pain.


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