To Everyone, From Me


There is a world where society tell women their looks matter more than their brains

And shoe shopping and lipstick are more coveted than Master’s Degrees and smiles.

And all the women fear they are not truly free because they are female.


There is a world where society claims it’s “color blind” despite being proven time and time

That young Black men are victimized by police brutality and fellow peers in college and

That Middle Eastern girls who wear hijabs regularly are screened and scrutinized.

And all races wonder if they’re being a problem instead of a being.


There is a world where society claims it understands “the gay lifestyle” even though

It isn’t okay for a transgendered woman of color to be viewed past her stereotype or

It isn’t right for a gay couple to procreate through a willing surrogate who will deliver or

A person cannot claim to be asexual without being told they are “confused”.

And all the non-binary wonder if their love is forbidden instead of lovely.


I don’t write for those who shame, or those who conquer. I don’t write for hate, but for love.

It is so easy to succumb to excessive negativity, but so admirable and coveted to rise above.

So a toast to you, all, everyone, from me, that you are all dazzling, in every single angle.


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