On the Mountain, He is Here

Early in the morning I sacrificed my time and my sleep to climb this mountain.

While all was still dark and asleep, we were all awake. And so we began.

It all started off easy. The mountain put rocks in our path, but I the motivation 

and energy to get over them. The rain made our path slippery, but I remained

faithful and stood firm. I was drenched, cold, and tired, but still 

I climbed the mountain.

Higher and higher my faith grew smaller and smaller. Where are you Lord? The 

mountain got steeper, the rain poured harder, the path was less clear. Am I 

even going the right way? How could I trust on a mountain so trying. But with 

 doubt in my mind yet still a small flame in my heart

I climbed the mountain.

Farther and farther the weaker I felt. I was once ahead and now I am behind.

Does God actually know me? Or am I really cut out for this? 

I stopped.

No longer was I climbing, but now sitting with my head in my hands. God I am

trying! Will I ever be enough for you? How much farther will you ask me to go?

How high shall I climb for you? What more can you ask of me O God? Answer me!

And he did. He told me to

keep climbing,

the end is near. So I listened and with all that I had left in me 

I climbed the mountain.

We reached the top. The whole time it had been raining and now it stops. Now it 

was quiet. Not quite eerie, but soothing. At the top there was many more to 

welcomes us. Just as they, my Father welcomed me with open arms. “Well done 

good and faithful servant.” And then I knew that He is in many places. 


On the ground, you are there

In the sky, you are there

In the waters, you are there


He is in the dark and in the light 

He is in every home and on every street

He is vast and he is small


He is in the living word

He is in you!

He is in my heart, in my mind and in my soul


He is in the valleys below

and yes, 

On the Mountain He is Here.

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