I want to do it right.

See, and that's my problem right there.

Because in my desire to do life right

I become terrified of making mistakes

And turn to what the world (the general consensus) says.


Even in my individuality, I begin to think the way they do.

The ways they say will end in success,

That it's better safe than sorry,

And rather than extending ourselves

We should limit ourselves to the box we've been confined to.


I turn to a fate that can be controlled,

One that is entirely logical, based on statistics and facts, and utterly sensible.

And I seem to forget entirely,

As most of us do,

The powerful reality that the spiritual things of God rarely take the solid form of

The logical, sure, and sensible.


Instead, it is usually intangible and risky,

And decisions must be made on faith alone.

And what does it say about our faith in God that we are so

Woefully willing to give up His creative, colorful, awing plans that He has for us

In exchange for the mundane

Simply because we are afraid?


Most of us do not trust Him enough to make that leap

To the other side because we'd rather be safe.

But we do not recognize that the solid ground we stand on

Is but an illusion and that it is steadily crumbling away.

And if we do not jump soon,

There will be nothing left on which to stand,

And no longer a way across.


You should not wait for a time when trusting and listening

To what God would have you do

Is convenient, or feels safe.

Because if you do, you'll soon find that the time will never come.

And you'll have lost your chance to do as God intended you to.

The chance to make your life meaningful,

To have a purpose,

Will have passed you by.


And the empty life you've built for yourself

That abides by the rules society has laid down

Will disintegrate.

In the end leaving you with nothing but dust

To sift through your, pale, lifeless fingers.


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