This pandemic teaches me,

Home confinement is not fun and easy,

Be productive, pick a hobby!


This pandemic teaches me,

Why frequent hand washing is vital.                                                                        

Practice cleanliness at short intervals.


This pandemic teaches me,

Growing own food is obligatory,

Must strengthen our local economy.


This pandemic teaches me,

When you’re on an island or countryside,

Feels like isolated in a paradise!


This pandemic teaches me,

Nature is regaining its beauty and magnificence

It’s happening since humans now in cage.


This pandemic teaches me,

Fame and fortune are worthless,

When you’re panting and succumb to death.


This pandemic teaches me

Fancy things are not the riches

Everything passes here on earth.


This pandemic teaches me,

Strong faith and family bonds,

Our best weapons to survive.


This pandemic teaches me

Not all heroes wear masks and capes

Some are ordinary folks giving extra ordinary service.


This pandemic teaches me

The public servant who’s untrue

To his words when he campaigned you.


This pandemic teaches me,

Who are the leaders that truly serve,

 and fight this battle with his constituents.


This pandemic teaches me,

We got 24 million hungry mouths to feed.

Not 18 million as this government claimed.


This pandemic teaches me.

Weaponries are not necessary,

In conquering world through its economy.


This pandemic teaches me

With money and power don’t be boastful

For it is God, the most powerful!


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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