Sat, 02/28/2015 - 13:41 -- lebenr


In memory of the Christians and people murdered by ISIS, an Islamic State.


David haines

Steven Sotloff

Alan Henning

Herve Goudel

James Foley


Buried Alive

Burnt Alive

And Crucified


A slow-motion genocide, systematically beheading Christians

Forced to choose, never

My faith is too strong

Full of hate you attack me, persecute my people

You who has no love in your soul, go ahead choose your false prophet

I will ascend to Heaven


Don’t bother giving me a choice I’ve made up my mind

Jesus. God. He is mine.

Persecute me today but a year from now, who knows?

You will be persecuted, your time will come, then where will you be?

Begging for forgiveness?


I forgive you, we forgive you.

No other would say those words, but we do forgive you.

You can persecute us and we will not be afraid.

You can execute us and we will still stand.

Freedom of speech, yes.

Freedom of religion, yes.

Freedom to kill?



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My community
Our world


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