Goddess of the Small


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Lady, you are the Goddess of the Great,

But you are also the Goddess of the Small.

The infinitesimal gravitational constant,

Without the exact value of which

The universe could not exist.

The force binding atom to atom

In water, source of our life.

The seemingly insignificant neutron

Glue of the atomic nucleus.

The miniscule charge on the proton,

The electrons balancing, spinning.

The mystery of the orbital node,

The shape of the electron cloud,

Which make chemistry possible.

Delicate hydrogen bonds forming DNA,

The manifold ways our delicate bodies can fail

And the manifold ways they do not.

Blessed be you, Goddess of these details

Praise and thanksgiving for them.

In many ways more amazing than the great,

These overlooked, vitally important details.

And you have made them all, O Lady.

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