God, what I really need to confess is this...
It's all the things that I have planned that I can't afford to miss
When times get hard and days are rough
I must confess, sometimes you aren't enough.

You promise me of this and assure me of that
But my face is sore from always falling on it flat
If only you knew what it was really like
After walking in my shoes, you'd see that I was right.

A right to live, my right to choose
You offer so little for my life to lose
It's less about you and more my lack of believing
My eyelids are growing heavy so I bid you "Good Evening".


God, is that really You?!
I knew that prayer years ago would do!
Not living as a heathen and attending retreats in the Fall
I knew those Sunday services were the key to it all!

Wa-Wait! Why have you gone away?!
Why has light turned into darkness and your hand so far astray?!
I never meant to ignore your voice and call your son a liar!
I never thought you'd really spit the lukewarm into the fire!

My God! My God! Why have you forsaken me?!
I cannot bear the burden of the wrath due my complacency!
The pain is indescribable and my flesh consumed by burns
Just a moment of relief is what my heart for really yearns!


Panting for breath and soaking in my perspiration
I frantically look around to a familiar destination
It must have been a nightmare, nothing but a dream
But this nothingness that I have seen is much more than it seems.

Verse 2 of Proverbs 21 proclaims my God is judge
The path I see so fit to take is one I take too much
And on that day of Christ's return with Him above enthroned
My lack of faith is weighed in full of which I was so prone.

Now on the course to finish well, this race I run to You
Acts 20:24 my guide, my life be tried and true
God, what I really must confess is this...
To live is Christ and die is gain with You in heavenly bliss.



I love it!!! I was touched! Keep writing for God c: He will use you greatly! :D

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