Demand my bones, their skin without

I dyed my hair then tore it out

My body begs for company

My mind can't silence all the screams

I would much rather rot in hell

Than put you under another spell

Some heartless witch I must have been

To drown you deep inside my sin

Much like my muse by name of Poe

All I've loved, I've loved alone

Look! The hour! It's growing late

I sip on poison to seal my fate

And look out there upon the street

Beneath the lamp a Friend to meet

But the Bell that Tolls I've yet to hear

And same the one that marks the year

A decade founded in a kiss

Should end so soon and just ike this:

My mind is slowed, so drunk on drink

These sleeping pills make it hard to think

And as for looking t the sun

I've hardly seen the light in near three months

What skin that's ashen turns all the more pale

My hollow face tells a ghostly tale

My flesh needs warmth from what I'm told

But I must die before I'm old

For what use is living this life alone

Without the love I may once have known?

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