Never Forget You

Never Forget


You Stained by bloody waters

A past haunts your present being

I see the pain in your eyes

The beauty of humanity


Rests under your soul

The imperfect Senija that stands here

Brilliant, troubled, clever

A face I will never forget


You hold so much promise

Yet you doubt your own abilities

The talent you possess

Is hidden underneath your astounding mind


But hear me

For I am a kind friend

Not glamorous with perfect features

Nor the strongest as others


But wise and loving

I ask you to try

To feel your own energy

That burns ripe and amazing


Believe in yourself

For there is no one like you

No one as gifted

No one as beautiful as you


You can change the world

Participate in anything your desire

You just have to try

And in your attempts


You are loved

By so many

If none at all, then at least one

Who will never forget you



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