What Will You Choose?

Everyone knows the saying, "life isn't fair. Although the obstacles we face in life may make us more

strong, dominant, and capable to conquer what challenge we will face

Obstacles of certain matters, can also make us feel weak, unable and inacable of feeling such

confidence within ourselves to conquer

No matter what I encounter, I always try to keep my soul high above water

Everyone knows that it is easy to drown

You must have faith in God, love yourself and work harder

We were made to get bruises to become stronger

Do not let the dark moments of your life turn you into a monster

Inside you may feel sour but within you believe there is power

It is amazing how we as society can buy things we do not need but want for temporary reasons

IF we were able to grab what we need such as hope, faith, love, trust, confidence what would you


I would choose faith and peace

When I go through things I tend to feel disturbed and disrupted

I remind myself that I am in control of my emotions, and I choose to be a conquer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Our world
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