Is It Worth It?


I know my value.

I know my worth

and some of you just aren't worth my time.

Now I don't say this to be mean,

I'm just tired of the same scene where you fakes and tricks stand on the sidelines because "you thick"

just here to be seen and talk shit about the next bitch.

OHHH she ain't got no ass, so she better put down that glass and I know she's not over there trying to twerk.

But I never claimed to be on the twerk team so I'm gonna dance.

Yes I'm gonna sip on my glass

and I'm gonna shake my barely there, invisible, flat ass

and have my fun

which apparently has you so damn stunned

because I didn't come out JUST to be seen.

She looks like a bitch, she's drunk, she ain't even that cute, she's a ho, she thinks she's special, how dare she.


bitch I might be

all or none of those things

but you would never know because

I know my value


I know my worth


some of you just aren't worth my time.




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