Without Saying A Single Word



When I was younger

I would sit in the back of the classroom without saying a single word

My teacher would always call on me

As if doing so will bring out some justification of my personality

Don’t get me wrong I was terribly crafty with the shaking of my head

However a teardrop of my soul I was unwilling to shed


In order for good to exist there must be bad

Just as happy cant exist without his fraternal twin sad


I’m not concerned with the politics about life they mean nothing to me

They say that I’m free but please define liberty

As if freedom of choice is what I desire

Its freedom from choice

It’s about time to speak my voice


Our country has enough food to feed the whole world,

Yet children go starving at night

As if there value can be defined by the heritage of their race

And as if laws and rules will make this world a better place


Women fight for their rights

As if the skin they sit in

Can determine their value

If in the end everyone is suffering, than who is to win?



We fight wars

Yet the world will continue spinning without saying a single word.


Think about how many I could’ve and I should’ve are floating out in the sea of forgotten dreams and abandoned hopes

They were just words at once

They were just a girl in the back of the classroom, without saying a single word.

But not today, because you see the same girl is standing up and saying several words

Because she knows that if she fills up her gas tank with a little fuel of positivity and action

Sets her compass for the moon,

That even though she may not make it she will land on the stars


You have to admit it’s quite hilarious

The serendipity the functionality that life is without saying a single word.

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