I questioned my intelligenceAnd


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I questioned my intelligence
And life’s depth and relevance
Mom should’ve remained celibate
Or at least used a contraceptive
To give me protection
Against my own conception
It’s got me mentally arrested
I want to cut my life connection
So I no longer exist
Sharpened blade to my wrist
Poison aimed at my lips
Battle of my faith, does God really exist?
I tried to find The Light but the devil won’t submit
So I quit, because I can’t find the Son God sent
And I know I’m too weak to survive on my own strength
Pain never seems to end so why does death make life worthless
I’m expressing these verses because my soul is hurting
I went searching for peace in the wrong place
My heart breaks, I sealed my fate because I lost faith
Life knocked me to my knees and forced me to pray
So I cried out to God, and asked for rebirth
Lord my spirit is parched and my heart hurts
So He gave me the Blood of Jesus and quenched my thirst
I laid at His feet and gave Him the rest of me
When I willingly gave him my all, He gave me a destiny
God promised me redemption in exchange for repentance
I realize that my past does not have my future cemented
I can’t earn it, I don’t deserve it—Salvation is gifted
I’m just a vessel as long as His Holy Name is lifted
The perfection of his Blood allowed me to start fresh
Before He saved me, sin burned through my flesh
Iniquity crushed my chest, but thank God He gave me new breath
And put my old man to death
So I praise Him, because I’m his chosen generation
He called me out of darkness into His Great Illumination
I’m unworthy, but He still blew Grace on my existence
His Light gave me a new disposition
Because His Love has no limit
He still blesses me despite my dark confessions
So I take it with no questions and thank Him for His presence
And acceptance of my human imperfections
I know He is always here, through prayer I’m connected
I’ve got that wireless network called Heaven
And I always get reception.



I would give you 10 snaps for that because you blew me away......

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