Sickness of the mind

Depression isn’t a sickness you can cure with medication.

You can’t just take the pills & be happy

You can’t just walk away

The mind doesn’t work like that

Depression is there forever, but we have the option to fight

To fight back & become who we are inside

We are all special & should be treated as such

The only cure is us

The only cure is you & me

We are what we need to be happy

We need to make each other laugh

We need to make each other smile

We have to give each other Hope

It is up to us to cure one another

Hope is the cure and we must never give up

If we give up on each other, we give up on ourselves

It is up to us to lead each other in a better direction

Give Hope, Give Faith, Give Guidance.

Remember that there are others just like You & Me

Who struggle through this each & every day

There people who are lost & we need to find them.

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Very true this poem is so powerful I love it keep writing

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