We Made It



 "When I feel as if  life shot me down thousands of  times and I feel like i wanna cry, I cryWhen life kick me down, I'm downBut Best to believe, I don't  stay down for long." I've seen a man who lost everything but a dream. A women who struggle with life but still made it.I've seen  a grandmother who raised 14 kids on her own  with out any fathers  either they Dead or Gone. I've seen a child my age who went through more stuff a person could  bare.And still,  though it all, we made it.Through all the Hell,we made it.Through all the pain,we made it.Through all the worries and lies,Fears and cries,We struggle and fallBut through it all,We raise.Raise like the sun In the sky,Like the dust in the air,No more sorrowNo more tearsAll your pain disappear.That feeling of weight that hold you down,Lock you up, And smuggle you to you can't breath,And at  that very moment you feel Everything you lost,Everything you hope and dream,All turn around, staring you inThe face.And when you realized, Something click in your mind,Body, and spirit  And when you wake up,You stand up And say I MADE IT.! I made it.!Through it all I made it


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