Reveal Yourself To Me


United States
40° 30' 19.7136" N, 74° 23' 38.1624" W
United States
40° 30' 19.7136" N, 74° 23' 38.1624" W

I’ll never be able to comprehend that mind of yours.
How easily your hands are able to create a world of unopened doors.
Your mind it twists and turns into the surreal thoughts and images it produces.
My heart searches for you but my logic confuses.
Like looking into the eyes of a stranger so close and dear to me,
unknowingly conscious that you have made me more than I could have imagined to be.
There is an eternity of things I have yet to find and discover of you,
lying underneath treasures of mysteries of wisdom and truth.
You thought of me before I was ever a thought.
Before the womb, in me life you brought.
But soon I shall discover all the secrets you hold.
You’ll reveal to me what I have longed to be told.
I will know you as I have desired to know.
Eternity waits and to my Father's arms I will go.


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