Believe in Me


All day long, I think about your class,

I think about quitting

I wonder how will I continue

When you don't believe in me?


All day long, I dread having your class

I know I'm smart,

And I know I'm strong

But still you don't believe in me


All period long, I constantly work hard

I try to prove myself day in and day out

School is more than just a grade

It's about you believing in me 


All period long, I wonder

What do I have to do?

Do I have to work harder?

What will it take for you to believe in me?


All year long, I count down the days

The days until I get out of here

The days until you believe

The days until you realize why I need you to believe in me


All year long, I ponder


Why me? 

Why is it that you do not believe in me?


All my life, I fight

I fight with myself

Why does no one believe I'm destined for greatness?

Will you ever believe in me?


Now the tables have turned,

And although I've succeeded,

I still question it. 

Why did you not believe in me? 

I still need you to believe in me. 


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