A Yule Tide Speculation

The stockings hang


As He did

A tree will rise in lighted splendor



With dozens of round twinkling eyes


All iris- all colors- they hang


Children and all expecting


Blinded by desire in the sky


And all He wanted was an alternative- all he suggested


A hope declined


They were denied their insatiable dreams?


Their hungry eyes did not feast upon their expected opulence?


And damn the enablers of course!


Misguided wretches- misdirected love…


And the one who denied Him?


The Truth.


They cried, spewed their grief of lost luxury to the world


The anguish brought upon themselves


The thoughtless intentions- what’s one to one million deficiencies?


His response to deprivation?


He dug his nails out


And why not?


His father had spoken


Our Father is speaking


Empty wrappers crumpled and forgotten


A temporary comfort never savored


No thought half formed about it


Snow melts- and they cheer- bask in the slush of convenience


Convenience over beauty


Desire over gratitude


And why not?


And He returned


And they left the others in the dark and cold hell


Desire- an escort of no meaning



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