Lifetime Prayer


United States
34° 6' 56.1744" N, 81° 3' 12.186" W

Some where in this universe is an answer truly.
A question we all diverge as a result of our undoing.
But this life is a test that we barely shine to admit.
The colors we display on a map of old cold hatred.
Now days cover the youth of shade in clouds of gray.
Sacred scriptures bury deep in terror and land death claim.
Patriotic model an iconic role of all in luxury.
Every day on this planet we live our life breathing trees.
The air we disburse, I admit to have smothered the age.
A man born to wonder is blind to a blank page.
Son of mine, the first to carry on a torch that now lits.
I understand the world has spoken to renounce its soul purpose.
A question that you define, the best of all my time spent.
Paint this world with love, so we may bury with no regrets.
My undoing is the only answer, just one I truly meant.
Lifetime tales of a new heritage, a divine Legion Unfolds.
A guardian to great going, in a wish of an angel comes true.

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Our world


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