Fri, 05/17/2013 - 00:31 -- MelGarr

I fall for you like shooting stars
As you become my night sky
I rise for you like the golden sun
For you are the horizon in which I rise
I fly free
Because you are everything around me
The ocean, the sky,and the ground under me
You are the green grass smelling so sweet
Feeling so comforting and cool underneath my feet
You are the movement of wind with every breath breathed
I feel so alive as your air moves around me
You are the beautiful sounds singing in my ears
The gentle dancing rain and the roaring sound of wind
No matter how violent
It all seems spectacular to me
In all your beauty there is no demise
For every song you sing
It leaves my heart a fluttering beat
Even when your lightening strikes at me
It hurts inside
But I'm still me
Even at times when I doubt the thunder
Which doubts you
I still love you for you
Even when your lightening has stricken me
And the dark abyss creeps slowly
I will always love you because you are perfect to me


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