Delete It

I have moved on, and I have worked so hard to let it all go,

But there are still some things that you don’t seem to know.

And I have all of the memories saved,

And I thought it would be me taking them all to the grave.

But here I am, trying so hard to get myself to remove them from my life,

And it has not been easy to remind myself that you were the one who stabbed me in the back 

with the knife.

Because deep down I am having trouble saying goodbye,

Because for so long you were the only one who brought joy to my eyes.

But I also need to remind myself that for so long, you were the one who brought them tears,

And tore me apart for all of those years.

And I know I am in a much better place,

But I still want to hold onto those memories, since I know I will never get to see another smile 

on your face.

And for the first time, I almost got myself to do it today,

But when I came home, my heart was pulling me another way.

That even though I have moved on, I can’t let the memories fade,

Since there will always be a little part of me that wished you had stayed.

I know that deleting it all will be the end of our story,

And I know how bad I want to be able to feel that glory.

Of knowing you left me there to pick up the pieces that you left me in,

And to let go of what me and you had been.

But I still like to look back at a much happier time,

When you made me believe that you would end up being mine.

And I know that they need to go in order for me to finally be okay,

But as much as I wanted it to be, today just happens to not be that day.


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