He stretches out the heavens like a canopy and spreads them out like a tent to live under.
He allows us to play with the idea of walking in immeasurable confidence.
So we can take risks without the fear of failure.
We can,
love others deeply without reservation.
We can,
experience the fullness of God more freely and purposefully.
But why is it that we don't?
The problem with us is that we don't look for Him.
We walk through our day saying "GOD----where are you?If You're good then show it to me"
and then we pray for blessings to come our way
but didn't He open our eyes, give us breath, and wake us up just today?
We miss the "small" miracles because we're too busy looking for the "big" ones.
It's about asking God to help us learn
to embrace the little moments we might otherwise miss
We don't need to think back or reminisce
Because God is doing a work right now!
In my very situation,
He can and will bring a smile out of it.
It' about being aware of what God is doing
Because He works throughout our lives every single day
But it's up to us to get excited about the power He displays.
I sat down to chat with God the other day
just to tell Him how I feel
How I have to keep reaching out for more of Him
not knowing if He's real
He stopped me right there and said, "That's exactly it. You're reaching out but you need to reach in because inside is where true delight from Me really begins."
He gathers us in His arms
and carries us close to His heart
But I just can't seem to grasp
How much He treasures me and that I am His Art.
not only am I his masterpiece but also His child.
He wants to provide for me
So that I know that not only is He the deliverer
But He is also the gift giver.
So tomorrow when I wake I will lay there are say,
"God, open my eyes to the surprises you have for me today"

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