A Letter to ED (Eating Disorder)


Tucson, AZ
United States

Dear ED,

How you made me feel like Eve,

at the early age of 13.

Taking me to the Garden of Eden,

just by opening up that one Teen Vogue magazine.

Bulimia became the apple you tempted me with, promising that it was the “fix” to being fat.

Your tantalizing voice promised that there would be no more thunder thighs for life! 


You formed my pliable mind to believe such twisted lies.

You promised me beauty, and left me with ash for the years to follow.


You took me down an endless spiral,

a never-ending fight with the woman I am.

A life of chaos, depression and isolation.

So many broken smiles.


You are a contradicting disease, 

You encourage me to numb the pain with 5 bowls of ice cream.

But as I open the lid of the toilet, all you scream is:



You have done your best to physically destroy my throat: my voice, and vessel of communication.

Though you brought me to the point of death with your destruction,

I have overcome.


Thanks to you, ED, I have a found my voice to rise against you.

You have taught me to fight and resist your lies.


You have given me a story to serve hope for others.

Leading others to their journey of healing.

Because of you, I am now an advocate for others.


Thank you, ED, for all you have done.

Though you have wreaked havoc on my life,

I have overcome.



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