Give Up


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Give Up - Richard Matthews

You’re giving up and the race has barely begun.
Five minutes past the shot gun and you’re calling it quits.
Its firing was not the signal for you to quit.
You are not fired.
Do not hand me your resignation.
We’ve used fire as a bad pun.
Fire is not dangerous it is just overwhelmingly beautiful.
If you could use that fire as the push you need.
Added with some extra wind for that extra push.
Pretty soon you’re a human torch that scorched the gravel melting.
Yet you do not have any burn degrees.
Why is that?
Because we fight obstacles with heavenly fire.
If Moses can touch the burning bush so could you.
So why give up now.
You’re almost there.
Just because you cannot see the red sea parting doesn’t mean something big isn’t coming.
Open your eyes.
Give your tongue a rest.
I’m sick of hearing it wail.
Our mouths are to be used for praising not wailing.
A joyous sound.
I have swallowed symbols and trumpets, now when will you learn to do the same.
When was the last time you rejoiced?
When was the last time you gave thanks?
When was the last time you sung and danced because God paved your past to a ready present?
How sad he must feel that you have, his child-his powerful destined child, would have to lower
themselves so low that they forget the miracle they just witnessed.
Exodus: 14:21.
You saw the red sea part.
Did you not.
Numbers 20:11.
You saw the fountain of water sprout in the desert.
Did you not.
Exodus 19:2
You saw that he protected you as you made camp below the mountains and provided you with food.
Did you not.
Exodus 31:18
You saw the law formed into stone coated with a promise.
Did you not.
Yet you worship idols.
Yes negativity, doubt, and fear are idols.
But perfect love casts out all fear.
You are not a free Hebrew once captured by Egypt when you still claim bondage.
You chain yourself and restrict your movements-restrict your belief.
You have become your own un-doing.
Stop looking for someone else to break your chains when the key is in your pocket.
You choose not to be free, but no more I say.
"Get the shackles off my feet so I can dance.
I just want to praise him."
To praise him.
Don’t you want to dance?
You tell me that you wish too, but you’re legs don’t extend like you want them too so you can’t dance.
Do you hear yourself?
Stop that.
Do not give yourself room for excuses.
You have no excuse.
Your body, your environment, your circumstance is not an excuse.
Forget all of that and focus on who you are and what God has called you to be.
Focus on prayer and an anchored faith.
Focus on positive beautiful you.
You are no excuse.
Do not let the limitations of your body and your circumstance get the best of you.
Better to not think of it as limitations at all.
Think of it as birth marks.
Things you can’t control are birth marks.
Scars that you were left with.
Cards that you were left with when others were dealt a better hand-a better chance- at life and at their dreams, but that does not put you out of the race.
The race has only begun.
Five minutes in after the shot gun has fired.
Dare to have faith.
Dare to pray in faith.
And when you do you will not be begging and pleading for a miracle, because miracles do not happen
like they used to.
You’re blessing, you’re miracle, you’re change will come by faith.
And when you know you must work in order to receive.
You no longer look outward.
You do not say miracles are a synonym for magic.
No you look at yourself.
And you ask yourself, “What can I do?”
“What is my part?”
“What can I change?”
You’re roll is for an elastic faith.
Faith is like stretching.
You must be willing to stretch you’re muscle faith to a new flexible point at every obstacle.
At every wrong turn.
At every dark place.
Because when you do the light at the end of the tunnel did not appear at the end, it was standing next to you.
Yea thou I walk through the shadow of the valley of death my God is with me.
No matter how young or old know that you are not a slave.
You are not a slave to fear.
Have a little faith.
Do not stop.
Do not quit.
Do not stop believing.
Do not stop dreaming.
Do not stop praying.
Do not stop stretching your faith just because it hurts.
Just when you’ve reached you’re breaking point that’s the sign something good is on its way.
Push just a little wee bit more.
Come on push.
Tell yourself I can do it.
Because God has done it for me in the pasts.
And while I push I will pray and praise bigger and louder than I’ve done before.
The Walls of Jericho don’t come down by wishing.
The Walls of Jericho come down by praising.
Do not stop stretching your faith just because it hurts.
Because if you do your children will lose hope too.
Then none one will ever reach the promise land.


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