Flight of Peace


Across from the ocean,

I sit on the beach,

I'm lost in tranquility,

As my soul tries to breathe.


White clouds moving slowly,

The breeze calm and still,

I'm caught in the moment,

As my heart starts to heal.


A piece of me,

In the starting blue sky,

As I spread my wings,

My soul begins to fly.


I fly to unknown places,

Where pain, and hurt, once dwelled,

As the memories flow passed me,

My eyes start to swell.


Tear drops drip slowly,

Running down my cheeks,

The salty wind wipes them dry,

And gives my soul peace.


Soaring so free,

Over water and land,

The Holy Spirit guides gently,

Takes me by the hand.


He shows me what was,

And what is meant to be,

And why my life,

Is so important it seems.


A long soar,

Like the seagle high,

I bow my head,

As I start to cry.


Back on the sand,

Across from the waves,

I began to realize,

What healing means.


It mean's not to forget,

Let the past flow,

Of all the horrors,

And let them go.


To take the strengths,

And apply them to life,

It's a valuable lesson,

I've learned during this flight.


Alone in the sunset,

I watch it go down,

When finally I realize,

What peace I have found.





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