All That is Done Under Heaven

Thu, 08/04/2016 - 14:10 -- DeMaree

I didn't know...


It was a crime...

To be real...

So I guess ive been sentenced to life in prison for 1st,2nd, and 3rd degree words that burn your skin because you don't like the truth

But I am handcuffed to the word of God and I never wanna find the key

Maybe i'm too nice, because I never wanna see people living a lie

But why would you want to?

Consistently surrounding yourself with people who know they can harm you

But dont worry...

because thy will be done oh God

On earth as it is in heaven

Because God didn't promise anyone a fool, so settling for one ain't God's work it's yours

So I guess the definiton of love is loving people for fun

Male and female ain't nothing but a trophy

Show them off in a certain way then get with another chick on the low key

Would rather believe in an instagram couple...

with the definition that relationships are easy and in a cute little bubble

Definition of love is lust, because we love lust, but lust ain't nothing without love, more than half the people who claim to be in love are in lust because they love the title of being in a relationship.

That is now the definiton of love

Yet we wonder why relationships dont last

And our problems are so big

But you'll never know how deep life is until you're the one who starts to dig

And everyday I consistently wonder that if anything we say now is true

And who it was that taught us to speak bullets without considering the exit wound

And now I'm being prosecuted everytime I open my mouth to speak.

But jokes on you because I actually think orange is a good color for me

But I wanna see your soul instead of it always being trapped behind a cage of bones

But you're too scared because this form that you temporarily occupy is the only life you know

I've been tasered and teased because I am truthful

All because I say you ain't gotta show skin to be beautiful

And to my people who understand never have your head down, always consentrate it on things above...

Because what ever pops out of people's mouth...

Is what their heart is full of...

I will always be chased by chains that will wanna chain me and change me into the worlds way of thinking

But even if I earned a penny a day

and if I was homeless and living on the street

and if my bed so happened to be in the metro station...

That's ok if my lord is right next to me

I didn't know that it was a crime to be real

Because if we haven't made it to heaven...

yet life is a living hell...

then I guess we all hope for an inbetween, the inbetween between me and God is where I find my peace, he's my piece of protection...

From all that is done under heaven.

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