The Chance at Life I am Given


I heard stories from my aunt, who was a nurse.

In a hospital. A baby nurse.

I wanted to be a baby nurse.

I wanted to hold the preemies,

Feed them their tiny bottles.

I wanted to wear blue scrubs like her

And be beautiful like her.

When I was 10, she got in an accident.

My aunt was gone,

But my dream stayed with me.

Years passed, and my dream continued growing.

Bigger, bigger, bigger,

Until finally it burst, exploded

In lights! And colors! It was so clear—

What other choice did I have?

I want to be a nurse! I thought.

Now I have only a few months—

A few months until I go out into the real world…

The real world with college, and bills, and responsibility.

What will I do then?

I will take my first and only chance.

I will take the opportunity I am given

I will follow my aunt’s footsteps.

I will become a nurse.



This is a true story of my life, and I really do hope some day to be a neonatal or obstetric nurse!


My favorite part of this is probably the end, where I realize I really DO want to do this with my life, and I decide where to go from high school.

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