God's Everlasting Love


United States
32° 47' 26.0016" N, 96° 44' 38.5692" W

Your love for me is everlasting, second chances only you are casting

Seeking for love all I got was lust, as time past my heart will rust

Despite my past you are still grasping, unto me while I was still dancing

Trying to figure out life my mind would bust, untill I found love their layed true trust

Now we all have a story, but to him be the glory

My king of kings is coming, I've feelt his presence I ain't stunning!

Trying to figure out life? What if I tell you we are the wife

What if I tell you we were ment to shine, but sin was preventing you see it like a crime

We have free will you choose your destiny, after all it will determine your eternity

Change you want leave it to the king, he is almighty it ain't nothing but a thing

It's about that time make up your mind, whether you walk with him or blind

Seek his presence and his glory you will find, his love is everlasting only one of a kind!

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God Is Good!

Steven Elliott Caedmon Shinder

All the time!

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