My Life Captains


United States
34° 16' 12" N, 85° 13' 48" W

Struggles violently clash against my body,
seeping inside,
deep into my soul.
Causing me to fall into despair.

My perseverance crumbled,
diligence shattered,
willpower crushed.
Faith is all I have left.

As I watch my
perseverance, diligence, and willpower
drift away to the shore.
I close my eyes,
as tight as I can,
grasp my hands together,
until I they become numb,
and ask for relief.

A gust of wind lifts my
perseverance, diligence, and willpower
from the shore,
And carries them back home.

Whole again,
I am able to tame my struggles,
And turn them into

My faith in
God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit,
my captains during my life’s journey,
gave me the strength to regain my
perseverance, diligence, and willpower.

To continue past my
temporary strife
and look forward to
everlasting hope.


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