Pretend: Love's Fate

I once met love at the front door!

And, when I glaced it's direction

Love, beautifully, smiled back at me.

That was love. My first sight!

I became instantly drawn to love.

Love became the subject of my infactuation.

With love,

I couldn't sleep, I wouldn't!

Without Love

I wouldn't eat, I couldn't eat!

The, bittersweetness it made me weak!


I wish I never met love

who's forever in my mind.

Like a perminant marker or tattoo.

It's always there!

Unfortunatley, love doesnt even remember who I am.

Therefore, I am content in living my life loving love from a far.

Until we finally meet!

Or, until we meet again.

That will be loves fate!

The rest will be pretend.

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