Her Wisdom to Believe



Her widsom to empower the future 

to belive that a dream can  become a reality 

no matter what boundary steps aside 

there will always be " Widsom and Hope"

She may feel broken,but the knowlege is her greatest gratuide


Her reckless flaws don't stop her from reaching her future

has the strength to succed, the type beauty that naturally shines

a personality like no other women, on this earth 

a reflection of the past that won't make her fall 

her strength, creavity, knowledge create her widsom to succed 


She may not be perfect, that won't stop her from reaching her destiny

cause regardless of what the world says,learning disablity, bullies from the past 

"She will make it happen"

no better guidance than herself, she will make her dream into a realtiy 

Because she has the wisdom in herself 

Poetry Slam: 


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