No Room



No Room

This world has no place for posers,
For fakes,
For Two-facers.
No, there is no room.
No room for liars,
For cheaters,
For thieves.
Still no room.
Only room for thinkers,
For Doers,
For Goers.
Yes, there is room.
Room for family,
For teachers,
And for Friends.
Oh yes there is room for friends!
Friends that know the real you,
And still love you.
Friends that know your every flaw,
But think your perfect.
Friends that think you’re crazy,
And know that they are crazy.
Friends that will pick on you,
But can kick some serious tail if someone else says anything.
Friends that will be there when you break up with your boyfriend,
And when you get back together.
Friends that will love you no matter what you do,
Even if you break their heart, but then come back and help pick up the pieces.
Friends that could easily pass as your sister,
And are often thought so by others.
Friends that would gladly come and bail you out of jail,
But would rather be sitting next to you in it.
I have these friends.
Do you?


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