The Great and Wonderful

Scarecrow and lion
Tin Man too
Side by side
All in awe

Too much dust
Not enough water
Covered up truths
Buried under evil

She travel a road
Full of hope
Golden safe
No holds barred

No brain.
No heart.
No courage.
One man.

From peaceful evenings
To red mornings
You better take warning
A storm is coming

The echos roared
From the east
Revived in the West

Once just a path
Turned into a sea
Covered by dominos
And signs

Words of hate
Words of demand
Determining their fate

With just one wish

Expecting change

Ruby red filled the streets
Lights in the darken skies
Yellow edges
And white lines

Terror stricken eyes
And broken bones
Nailed to his faith
The final ending

He was gone
And we were saved
His words
Our strength

His sacrifice
Our life
His Father
The holy Spirit

No longer golden
No longer pure
No longer bleeding
No longer living in fear

Be courageous
Have strength
Live life

Truth spilt
Lies burned
Black and white
Chaos and fright

The unknowns remain
The knowns standing
Twisted no longer
And forever it shall be

Believe in the power
There's power in hope
Hope in faith
Have faith in prayer

The great
The wonderful
The oz of life
The Lord,the Son, and the Holy Spirit

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Our world


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