The Girl That No One Sees


28° 39' 39.3012" N, 77° 20' 27.8052" E

"The girl that on one sees

A season she can't control 

Pent up emotion she cannot free

This time it's taking it's toll

Down on bended knee

Not freely these tears roll

The breaking burning plea

To be pulled out of this hole 

She see's truth in what she believes 

She won't be swayed or fooled

Untamable as the sea

She has a warrior's heart so bold

Some things are meant to be

Understand what once was told

Stories built up,she held the key

Her happiness someone stole

But strong she refuses to flee

To God she's fixed her hold

And even if she bleeds

Her strength it never folds

This is the girl i see

Her story is so unknown."

This poem is about: 
My family



could someone please tell me what i am doing wrong?

Not enough tags? not good enough? immature?

i don't mind just tell me so i can improve 

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