The person beside me didn't study but I heard they got a 92 seating looking at my test doesn't even look like I tried my best.

Test are due times up don't forgot that essay Q.

No breaks start on your homework don't make mistakes because your grade goes down at the fact.

Trying to push forward only seems you moving back .

Better be prepared big binders, backpack,held up flights of stairs trying to keep track. Bells ring you begin to run because you think your late head spinning 100 miles per hour which never seems to get a break.

You go to tutoring and try to get the help you need feeling kinda confident in yourself in deed.

To get the notes in class feel like a champ but homework looking like you can't remember nothing you ever did.

Everyone around you celebration because they got and A but you study, went to tutoring your grade not even near an A but F make you feel stupid inside to be in a class making you wanna hide .

The embarrassment to look around having emotions read on your face people asking you what you made you feel so misplaced.

Don't forgot this or remember that projects due .Come at home no time to say hello because I got work to do .

Homework in every subject can't take a seat an relax. Because in the back of your head you thinking if you passed.

No extra credit sorry nothing you can do it's in the grade book permitted with no hope left with nothing else to do.

Mother asking sweetie is this to much to do maybe you ain't ready wait in line to drop the classes stuck in regular the last of the last .

I know I can do it but this all was a slap to my face. Instead of a jump but I flew from middle school to the 9th grade.

Everyone warned me but I guess I can put up a fight.

School important stress and headache you might receive but hearing your name and handed a diloma is all you ever need.

Welcome to high school!



This poem explains how high school is for me hopefully people who starting high school can relate .Please share any advice about high school .Thank you for your support 

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

hey imani

high school is a new beginning in your life

you are going to face challenges in these next four years

you must show courage and believe that you beling with the elites

you create you own path as far as your ambitions 

always educate the mind, build yourself up

find your way-if you have dreams, go after it and let nothing or no one stop you


YES you have the best advice because just starting out high school is already hard but I'm not gonna let that stop me i am working hard and being the person i want to be in life. thank you so much for the advice you keep me staying strong

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