Abortion is a Sin


My body, MY Body. 

It’s funny to think about when for the longest time 

it didn’t feel like mine 

Now when I trace my fingers across my arms, i am a stranger to this skin 

This skin is filthy , dirty. 

And so I will scrub and scrub again and again 

until my red raw fingers can’t take it anymore. 

I will try to wash away 

the invisible grime and dirt you left 

From when you thought it was okay 

to take something that’s not yours. 

Because you chose this, my skin and I , we don’t get along anymore 

Because you did this we are at war 

It’s like a never ending battle to see who will break first 

So I slit my wrist until the sharp pain reminds me that I cannot hurt 

it, without hurting myself 

I can’t just walk up and leave, like how you left. 

Like how you left me in the parking lot of Rite Aid crying my eyes out after it happened so I wouldn’t go in and make a scene. 

Well in between your mapped out plan I’m pretty sure you forgot one thing 

I have emotions I have a heart I have feelings. 

I am human too. 

You had it all planned out didn’t you? Have me swallow a Plan B ?

Well I bet you didn’t know that now every time I look at my stomach 

I wonder if I killed a child.

And I know abortion is a sin

but when I go to confession 

I can’t even decide whether to mention it or not 

because you didn’t let me make that decision. 

I bet you didn’t know that I’d rather have been a mother at fifteen 

With a baby of no consent than to have filed 

A police report and restraining order with no justice for the victim 

You’re innocent until proven guilty?

Is that how you never get caught ?

Is that why this is all just an afterthought

On the back burner of your mind ?

It must be nice . Being okay. Being fine. 


This poem is about: 
My community
My country



I am speechless...how courageous to write this piece so honestly.


Check out a poem I posted called Sweet Angel of My Heart


You have done a good job ... I think u are an epitome of anti teen pregnancy activist and u are an inspiration


If you think that I advocate for anti teen pregnancy then you have taken nothing from this poem. This poem was written to illustrate my lack of being able to make my own decisions due to an intense grooming experience with an abuser. I am in no way condemning teen pregnancy. Read it again. 

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